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An Iraqi illegal immigrant was referred to UK plastic surgeons in 1990 and he murdered them. Instead of being sent to prison, he was sent to a secure hospital and kept there, because he was deemed to have paranoid schizophrenia. (Daily Express, 8th Feb., 2010)

Recently, after getting permission to stay in the UK, he hanged himself. Now, the plea of insanity has been with us for a long time, under the auspices of ‘McNaughton’s Rules’ which leaves a nasty stain on British integrity. This is because mental illness has never been proved to exist.

Under the Rules a person must be proved to be insane at the time he committed the act (almost impossible to prove). That is, he did not know what he was doing or that it was wrong. In my past life I was second-in-charge of men who had either murdered, or attempted to murder, and were kept in a locked ward of a mental hospital. Amongst staff it was simply known as the ‘violent ward’… and it was.

One thing I came to see during my days at the psychiatric hospital… those called ‘insane’ knew exactly what they were doing! Many who have committed evil acts like this have been dubbed ‘insane’, even though they ran away and hid, thus proving they knew what they were doing and also knew it was wrong. But, it is the way of sinful men to label people as ‘insane’ because it then removes any idea that they are just plain wicked and sinful.

When the Iraqi’s case came before the immigration tribunal, he was, remarkably, given the right to stay in the UK despite his heinous crime. The reasons given were that to send him back home would “breach his human rights” and – yes, they actually said this – because he “might be a danger to the Iraqi public” if he was returned!

I can only call this an abomination. The man murdered two doctors, saying he had done it after being given a “command from Allah”. In which way is this any different from Islamic terrorists who shout the same thing? It is my sincere view that a man who murders loses his human rights, because God commands that all deliberate killers MUST lose their lives.

The other reason for allowing him to stay is similarly abominable… that he may have been a danger to his own kinsmen. He was an illegal immigrant and he murdered two innocent doctors. He should have been sent back to Iraq – what he does then is up to him, and any infraction is down to Iraq, not us.

This case is typical of other godless actions taken by socialist-leaning authorities. The EU demands we adhere to ‘human rights’… most of which appear to have given the people of the UK a severe headache! We must come out of the EU, drop human rights law, and get on with protecting our own, instead of protecting murderers from their just deserts. 

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