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The watchmen are on the walls.
They look out for the enemy and warn the people of the town.
They know what their enemies look like, and also their friends.

But, I fear for the people of the town – the city of Zion.
They sleep and do not care.
They shout to the watchmen to shut up – their warnings are too inconvenient for them to disturb their slumber.

I am a watchman. One of many today.
I am told to shut up and those I warn know nothing of their enemy.
Yet, the enemy – Satan – is all around us.
Just as Jericho’s walls fell to the men of Israel, so the walls of Zion are close to collapse as the people sleep.

I have sweated blood and tears for decades, but for what?
This is not about my moaning about myself... for I KNOW my enemy!
I fear for the brethren, who sleep and who have no idea who the soldiers of the enemy are.

The walls of the city have already been breached.
It is a matter of time before the walls come crashing down.
The people within have no idea that Satan is not coming so blatantly – yet.

No, he sends his storm-troopers... and though I have spoken of them many times I shall do so again, so there can be no excuse...
ALL are dangerous in the extreme for different reasons, but ALL seek the downfall of Christians and God’s word.

Enemies of the Church and All People

There are the homosexuals, who so many believers think are lovely people.
They even take them into their churches.
But, to God they are an abomination deserving only of hell.
They are rampant, seeking out who to harm next – and they do.
And they come in MANY guises – the latest being ‘transsexual’.
But, it is only the current evil – many more are to come.

There are the Islamists.
Do not be fooled – ALL of Islam are satanic in their beliefs, from those who are presently quiet and friendly to those who murder easily, the jihadists.
God hates them all. Only those He graciously showers his mercy on – the elect amongst them – will be saved. Until then they are loathed because of their pagan, heathen idolatry.

There are the false environmentalists.
Don’t be duped by their cried of ‘save the planet’! It is all a ploy to lull us into thinking God has left the earth to die.
It will not simply die because of a natural good such as CO2. It WILL be burnt to nothing at the end of time.
But, before that day everything will carry on as normal, complete with climate change, which has occurred ever since the great Flood of Noah!!

There the socialists.
They have failed time and again to rule the world.
They have tried out socialism in many countries, and it has never worked.
Now they think they can STILL rule successfully, using previous failed models as templates!!
They are, like the other enemies, called ‘fools’ by God’s word. And rightly so.
They want to take money and freedom and want to gain immense power for themselves but not others.

There are more enemies sent by Satan. Today, they are all coming at once, to overwhelm and crush.

But, Christians seem unaware. Or, they are ignorant. Or, they do not care.
They only wish to sleep, so they shout at the watchmen to be silent.
Bad news is ‘out’. What they love most is ‘in’... personal interpretations of the world and everything in it, including scripture.
And while they resolve to love the enemy to their own deaths, they misquote God’s word: “Love thine enemy”!
It is very easy to quote scripture, but often hard to interpret it truly.

God does not love the enemies above – so we may not do so either.
Their aim is to destroy.
Get real!