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Or, allowing homosexuals to do what they like leads to millions of deaths

If you know the facts concerning ‘Typhoid Mary’ you will wonder why on earth the authorities of her time allowed her to do what she did, when what she did killed many. At the time some had sympathy for her, whilst others wanted her strung up. To speak bluntly, she should have been put to death for murder.

Her name was Mary Mallon. Born in Northern Ireland in 1869, she sailed for the USA in 1883 to get away from her life of poverty. But, by 1915 she had already been quarantined twice, because she was linked to typhoid fever cases. She was a ‘carrier’ of the disease and though having typhoid in her system she was immune to it. But, she went on to infect many.

Now, being a carrier of ANY disease does not make an immune carrier evil. But, Mary, knowing she was high risk and a risk to anyone who came across her, continued to work as a cook, giving her disease to at least 51 people. In an effort to cover her tracks she used a number of aliases... and it is her deliberate acts that label her ‘wicked’. Others were also immune, and helped to (unknowingly) spread their disease to their fellows, leading to fatalities.

So, get the picture. She KNEW she had the typhoid bacteria in her system and KNEW that her work would infect those not so fortunate. And so they died. By hiding her true identity from the affluent families she cooked for, she was able to freely infect them.

A sanitary engineer investigated one case where most of the family went down with typhoid, and he found the culprit – Mary Mallon, who was working under an alias. Doctors thought that Mallon’s poor hygiene (inadequate washing of hands) was to blame, along with the food that passed on the bacteria – home-made ice-cream.

After a court battle Mallon was allowed to again continue her work, so long as she pledged never to work as a cook again. But, she again broke her promise and began cooking in a maternity hospital, infecting 25 workers and killing two. Mallon was working under another alias, Mary Brown.  When the authorities realised Brown was in fact Mallon, she was confined to North Brother Island and spent 26 years in total in isolation. She died in 1938.

The Homosexual Parallel

In the very first year after the discovery of the then new HIV (named thus after firstly being named ‘The Gay Plague’ by doctors and researchers), the statistics proved beyond any doubt that homosexuals, and homosexuals alone, were responsible for the disease, which appeared to have arisen ‘out of nowhere’. It seems the virus came about BECAUSE of homosexual sexual activities, which are unnatural.

Though at that time there were only a few cases, experts warned that the best possible ‘treatment’ was isolation. But, of course, ‘gay activists’ went berserk and persuaded politicians with poor sexual morals to give them protection.

Then came badly written advertisements that said ‘everyone’ was liable. This was a direct lie, and by hiding the facts from the public, the disease quickly established itself as an epidemic, then a worldwide pandemic. I predicted this would happen in 1985, but was sacked because I told the truth, a truth that has sadly become very evident.

Though clearly the prime agents of disease-spread, homosexuals were never taken to task, never blamed, and never warned to stop their behaviour, the very behaviour that spread the disease. At first it spread into the heterosexual (normal) population through bisexual use of prostitutes and people who mainlined drugs. It then passed on to new babies, whose disease came to them via their mothers, many of whom did not know their husbands or boyfriends had the disease. Then it spread to haemophiliacs via blood transfusions.

The death toll is now into the millions and rises year on year. This is because homosexuals have despicable sexual habits and do not care if they get HIV or pass it on to others. All that matters to them is having perverse sex. Most do not care if they die of AIDS and ignore warnings to ‘play it safe’.

The Point?

Typhoid Mary was isolated for much of her life, not because she had the disease in her system, but because she continued to infect many people just to retain her income. But, no-one bothers to isolate homosexuals with HIV and AIDS, even though they are the direct cause of a pandemic that must surely be rivalling the Black Death, a plague that destroyed whole villages and countries. When people had the Plague, they were isolated. But, not so with AIDS and HIV! WHY? It is a most obvious thing to do, especially as homosexuals are grossly irresponsible! But, it is likely that because there are so many homosexuals in governments, they refuse to protect members of the ‘innocent’ public. What other reason can there be for this absolutely horrendous refusal to do what is right and logical?

Homosexuals ignore warnings and pretend they have nothing to do with HIV and AIDS. But, the figures prove they were and still are the prime carriers of HIV and AIDS, the cause of the disease in millions. In Africa many women and girls are raped (a Muslim specialism), and wives and girlfriends are infected. But, those who infect them are not warned or taken to task. Yet, what happened to Typhoid Mary was perfectly correct, because she refused to obey the warnings. The same should happen to homosexuals, whose stark rejection of morality and basic containment has caused millions to die, with many more millions dying in the future.

This cavalier and almost demonic immorality MUST be stemmed and isolated. And homosexuals should NOT be protected. How can laws protect those who carry a fatal disease, and want to pass it on to ever younger victims? Homosexuality is dangerous, unnatural and grossly unhealthy. It is about time this was made known and given a proper response.

The ramifications of not doing so lead to countless diseases and deaths, costing countries vast sums, and destroying societies wholesale. But, TV and films continue to portray homosexuals as fun-loving, or ‘decent’, or somehow innocuous, with no indication at all of what homosexuality REALLY is all about.

Homosexuals are our modern versions of Typhoid Mary, and it is about time this was recognised and dealt with. Not with sympathy... how can we sympathise with those who deliberately contract a fatal disease and deliberately pass it on to others, knowing they have it? We cannot and must not.

There can be no ‘human rights’ for those who so easily and casually kill others with their diseases! In the past several decades governments have not given a genuine reason for this foul denial of the human rights of those infected through no fault of their own. And those who want answers are shut down, with violence, or verbal attack, or ‘legal’ enforcement. This is indicative of the fascism of homosexuals and governments who support them for totally illogical and shameful reasons... reasons not given to those of us who suffer at the hands of the immoral few.

Does not this refusal to communicate intelligently tell you that there ARE no reasons? Does it not tell you that this is why laws have been manufactured to destroy critics? Does it not tell you that homosexuals have no real arguments to put forward for their very existence, let alone what they do to harm society?

The same kind of deliberate blindness is found in the response to Islam. Islam, too, has killed many thousands, if not millions. But, Islam, like homosexuality, is also put in cotton wool and protected. In both, truth, logic and facts, mean nothing. And those who suffer are NOT the ones who allow atrocities, but those who they fail to protect.

© 6 May 2017

Published on

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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