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Christmas is a weird set-up!

There are ads on TV from the Salvation Army (itself apostate) that base their appeal on Christmas, even though Christmas AS Christmas is an invention of the unchristian Roman Catholic church. The sentiments and emotional claims made for and by Christmas are both interesting and ridiculous. Suddenly everyone becomes 'mushy' at Christmas time, play Jingle Bells, and become a bit friendlier. Then they revert back to their usual sins afterwards!

But, how many genuine Christians know the difference between truth and their poor reactions?

For example, 'Christmas' as per Roman Catholicism, is unscriptural... but genuine Christians who tend to see the time as worthy are NOT being unscriptural. Sadly, some believers become so hyped-up against Christmas that any other Christians who have other ideas are lumped together with heretics and satanic groups such as the RCC! The REAL facts are these:


  1. Roman Catholic 'Christmas' (literally referring to the three masses held for Christ) is heretical and UNSCRIPTURAL.
    'Unscriptural' means it is against scripture.
  2. However, genuine Christians (and I am NOT one of them) who hold services to honour the birth of Christ, and who do not adhere to any Romanist teaching or festival ideas, CANNOT be accused of being 'unscriptural'. Confused yet? Read on...
  3. Scripture itself says that if individual believers hold a particular day as special and wish to praise God for it, are FREE TO DO SO, so long as they are sincere in their belief. I am not one of them, by the way.
  4. This means that they can worship the Lord around the Christmas period without being branded Romanist or heretical.
  5. They should not, though, use the word 'Christmas' nor practice what comes to them from dubious sources.
    This is because, to put it simply, while they might use the NAME 'Christmas', their worship is acceptable according to scripture, if they are sincere. Use of the name 'Christmas' is an error, but their worship, if sincere, is scripturally acceptable.
    Can you see the difference? Never allow emotion and anger cloud the real study of God's word and from applying genuine judgment.
    Personally I have no time for 'Christmas' nor do I worship God at that time for the birth of Christ. This is because the date of His birth is NOT December 25th, and we have no mandate to worship God with a festival for His birth. That is – it is 'not in scripture' and NOT because it is 'unscriptural'. BUT, those who do so with honest hearts MAY do so, because scripture allows it.

Much 'heat' is generated by this period in the year and it unduly separates Christian from Christian, when we should be united.

We must never personally accept what is heretical and unscriptural, but we have no right whatever to brand others with angry labels because they insist on celebrating something that is 'not in scripture'. this is NOT the same as being 'unscriptural', but how many Christians know the difference? Loving teaching is far better in this instance... and this counsel comes from one who is unafraid to apply hard truth with hard words on subjects that need it!

Another point strikes me... the way that atheistic authorities ban 'Christmas' by calling it 'holidays'. In a sense they are more correct than many who indulge in 'Christmas'! For myself I appreciate the quiet time of year. I have no desire to receive presents or cards, but I show appreciation if some give me one. To not do so is churlish and legalistic. One can separate this from the Catholic festival. After all, almost everyone gives and receives presents for their birthday, even though such a time is not found in scripture - it is acceptable because it is only a cultural thing and is not 'unscriptural'.

I do not join the hardliners in their abject attack on those who worship God in December for the birth of His Son.

But, I DO think most Christians are NOT sincere in their worship. What I see in them is emotional and traditional ties that are unscriptural! What makes them unscriptural is their dishonesty in following the sheep who celebrate because it is expected of them, and not because of personal beliefs and inner spiritual desire to worship God for His Son's birth.

Still confused? Then I earnestly suggest you search scripture itself for the real principles involved. And I urge you not to be churlish about those who practice what you do not. Only the Holy Spirit can change a person's mind and heart, so instead of attacking, why not tell them what you believe to be true, and leave it at that? (The caveat is that we MUST argue the point if they resort to Catholic or obviously unbiblical activities... but even then, we must be wise).

I have many more thoughts on the matter...

May I also urge you to seriously study what is 'unscriptural' and what is 'not found in scripture'? In the 'Christmas thing' the two are usually mixed together in a 'jolly jumble'. Add 'Santa Claus' and it gets even more jumbled!! I can assure you that neither the anti-Christmaseers nor the pro-Christmaseers have got it right!!

Finally, for those who want every one of their own words to be repeated... do not take it from this article that I am pro-Christmas!!