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The article below is a tongue-in-cheek comment by Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail, ridiculing Tesco's decision to back World [gay] Pride London. The full column can be read here.

Tesco has ended its support of Cancer Research and is sponsoring a gay pride festival.


I'm all for big business giving back to the community. But why choose a self-indulgent celebration of homosexuality over saving lives?

If gays want to dress up as Carmen Miranda or mince up and down The Mall in nothing but their knickers, that's fine by me. But why would Britain's biggest supermarket want to be associated with such an event, at the expense of cancer victims?

What exactly was the thought process behind Tesco's decision?

Try to imagine the board meeting which came up with that decision.

'Item 4. As a company we believe in thanking our customers for their support by giving to charity. For the past ten years we have been backing Cancer Research. Now it's time for a change. Any thoughts?'

'How about Age Concern? Or Doctor Barnardo's?'

'I hear what you say, George, but let's think outside the box.'

'Maybe we should donate money to the British Legion, or Help for Heroes.'

'RSPCA? Everyone loves animals.'

'No, I don't think so. Far too conventional. Let's give 30 grand to gay pride instead.'

'Brilliant, Mr Chairman. All in favour . . .'

Every little helps.


© 16 November 2011

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