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“Notes for the Clueless”

Inevitably, with monotonous regularity, pro-gays and gays bleat like sheep, that anyone who dares to oppose homosexuality is full of hate, spouting hate-speech. Even a pastor's wife says she ‘wants to cry’ because people like us speak against this most heinous of sins.

So, am I full of hatred? (Was Jesus full of hatred when He said the scribes and Pharisees were like vipers and whited sepulchres?). To date no-one has questioned what has been said - only that I have said it at all! I fail to see that presenting the facts about something constitutes 'hatred'.

In my work and study I am academically rigorous and know the difference between opinion and fact. But, most 'critics' I come across have no idea at all. They are clueless. Rather than face the truth, they shout abuse and will not even contemplate that what I have said is based not on my own views, but on scientific and medical facts. My 'critics', on the other hand, speak emotively, with scant regard for truth and facts. Their aim is to hate, not to know.

Laughably, many try to argue from scripture, though they are either atheists or just plain ignorant. They conclude that I must be full of hate, because there is nothing in scripture against homosexuality. Excuse me? Are they on the same planet? They also try to spread the myth that since Jesus did not mention homosexuality by name, then it must be okay to be gay! In academic terms, this is such a moronic statement to make, it is not worth looking at in detail. But, I'm going to anyway… but only insofar as to give an outline.

What homosexuals do, male and female, is called an 'abomination' by God. Romans 1 devotes its whole message to describing the evil nature of homosexuality. Other texts tell us that homosexuals (amongst other sinners, of course) will never enter heaven. Yet, homosexuals/sodomites use an inane excuse - "But Jesus did not mention homosexuality once!"

Invariably, 99.9% of all homosexuals will not be Christians (despite claims by some to be 'gay Christians', who, because of their sinful lives, cannot understand Biblical concepts or the theology that comes from it). They bluster, of course, and insist they are capable of understanding… but they are not. This is because their main task is to promote and maintain their sexual sins, which are gross. And, more importantly, God says that we can only truly understand what He says when we are filled with the Holy Spirit - and this only happens to Christians.

When gays say "Jesus did not mention homosexuality" my immediate response is "So what?", because it is such a stupid thing to say. Scripture says that Jesus did and said many things, far too numerous to include in the Bible. But, we have the principles He spoke of. Mainly, these come through the men He chose to accompany Him, the Apostles and disciples, and it is these men who wrote the New Testament. Therefore, to find the mind of Jesus on homosexuality we only need to read what His Apostles said… and they tell us homosexuality is not just a sin, but a gross sin.

(For illustrative purposes only - In law, for example, many cases are built not upon one strict precedent, but on the countless interpretations based on its principles. It can be done because all subsequent cases are built upon the first precedent. Jesus stated principles; the Apostles interpreted from those principles, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Critics, of course, will laugh at all that and scream abuse and jeers. They are welcome to their stupidity and lack of intellectual capacity).

All sin is equal in God's eyes, but only in terms of salvation. That is, no sin (except the 'unforgivable sin' - rejection of God) can prevent a man or woman from entering heaven, with one proviso. The proviso is simple: they must be 'born again'. That is, eventually 'saved'. This begins with the Holy Spirit regenerating the soul or spirit of a person (who has already been chosen for salvation in eternity). They then start to show awareness of their sinfulness before God and know they must repent. Once this is done they are forgiven by God and are saved. Once saved, the Holy Spirit guides them to think and act like a 'child of God' and they turn away from whatever is sinful in their lives.

Some people continue to act out sin, but gradually become convinced it is wrong, and stop. This is a continual process in all Christians. But, the person who persists in a sin as gross as homosexuality (or any other obvious and gross sin, such as murder, serial theft, etc.) without any kind of qualm or conscience must be treated as suspect. Note that everything I am saying is founded not on my own views, but on what scripture says.

Any pastor or mature Christian worth his salt will counsel the person and tell him or her to stop their sin. This is particularly so with public sin, known to others. If the Christian is 'new' and fresh to Biblical concepts and teaching, but is willing to learn and change, then patience is needed. But no sin, especially public, can be left unchallenged. In the case of homosexuality, which involves not just one, but multiple, sins, the need to immediately stop at least the activities, is paramount and imperative. This is because with every day spent in this sexual sin, the person gets closer to contracting diseases, etc., and is also dishonouring God, which is the greater sin. Inward change can follow.

The person who continues in his or her public sin, whatever that sin may be, cannot be allowed to remain in the local church if they refuse to stop their sin and repent. The good pastor has no option but to issue three warnings. If the person still continues, then they must be put out of fellowship. This disfellowship must be maintained until the person repents of his or her sin and stops the allied sinful activities. Again, this is scriptural teaching.

In the case of homosexuality it means to stop all homosexual activities, meeting with homosexuals, reading homosexual material used to perpetuate the sin, and to stop thinking about the sin in any form. This latter process is very possible and is an action every genuine Christian is familiar with. It is also what any addict must undergo to stop their addiction. Homosexuality is merely a sexual addiction, not a genetic or fixed state. It is a very bad choice. In effect, the person must reverse their thinking and think in terms of holiness and purity (so hated by hedonists… just watch the criticisms!).

Obviously, this is a very truncated description, but it contains the essential elements. Some very odd and clueless critics think Christians advocate a sexless life, or that sex is somehow wrong or dirty. This is not based on fact or on Biblical teaching. Christians believe sex is only for (normal, heterosexual) marriage. That is the main difference.

Facts within society show this to be a sane and logical condition. Sex outside marriage: living together, one night stands/promiscuity, or homosexuality, does not lead to happiness. Many think it does and vainly hop into many beds (homosexuals are prone to this) in pursuit of this illusion. Thus, we have rocketing abortions, STD's, AIDS, social problems, marriage break-ups, and so on. It is some of these results of sexual impropriety that are 'dirty' and worthless. (For example: whilst adultery is wrong, at least it usually functions normally, sexually. But, we can hardly say the same for the disgusting habit of 'fisting', or worse).

It is also true to say that homosexual 'love' cannot ever be equal to heterosexual love. This is because (and I will not spend time defending this, because truth does not require debate) homosexuality is about sex between people of the same gender, not actual love. The normal, created partnership, is man and woman. Between them, they possess what is needed in any marriage. But, homosexual partnerships are sterile and fruitless, lacking in A+B… being A+A or B+B. This is neither normal nor suitably desirous, because basic elements are missing.

An article in You Magazine (UK - Mail on Sunday, 15th October, 2006), by Matt Harmon is both sad and very illuminating. He told readers that he and his wife stopped having a sexual relationship just two months after getting married. He and his wife say there is no particular reason for this. To his credit the man says he will try his best not to go off with another woman. But, what does he inwardly think is the problem? "Could our present state be an apt divine punishment?… are we (being) cursed by Eros to endure sexless love?" He adds, "I can't help wondering if our respective pasts have caught up with us; if we haven't simply become jaded. Before we wooed and wed in our mid-30's… our past conquests were delightfully varied. We have both slept with quite an array of people, and pursued pleasure with such vigour… that maybe we have had the misfortune to overtake it."

That writer inadvertently put his finger on the problem. Instead of being chaste before marriage and marrying another chaste person, for life, he and his wife lived promiscuously. The penalty is now affecting their lives, just as much as if it were AIDS. It isn't a judgment by a Greek mythical god, but the result of living hedonistically, for pleasures that God says are illicit outside of marriage. They have, as the writer muses, 'overtaken' themselves and are now burnt-out individuals.

Homosexual sex is undertaken for lust alone, not love. There is no genuine interaction or normality, only deep demands and pressures; relationships that break many taboos. Jesus may not have mentioned 'homosexuality', but He did speak about sin, the details of which were written about by His Apostles. I don't care a fig if unsaved critics claim the Bible was written thousands of years ago, etc. It is timeless. It is the word of God, Who is real whether or not this is accepted by atheists, et al! Western societies are becoming cess-pits of immorality, hedonism and ruthless disregard for the value of human life. Why should I want to emulate that?

One can be in a church and still have homosexual thoughts, even if a Christian. But, he or she knows such thoughts are devil-prompted. Such a person, genuinely wishing to be holy, can be helped for as long as it takes. I will help anyone who is genuine. But, those who take pride in being homosexual 'Christians' must not be given credence and must be removed from fellowship if they persist in their activities. Their theology and hearts are warped, so it is pointless debating scripture with them.

I have no hatred for gays, male or female, but I loathe their lifestyles. That is my prerogative, especially as most gays I have known are thoroughly hateful towards me and have done me much damage, without any reason. Yet, I do not hate them. (I also know criminals. I do not like what they do, but some of them are utterly charming rogues!). Many gays (male and female) I knew in the past are already dead, through disease. For what reason must I be forced to accept what they do, when what they do is deadly and anti-social? Why should I remain silent when they harm me and the rest of society?

Jesus came to tell people that if they repented and stopped their sin, they would be saved. That goes for homosexuals, too. Jesus DID speak against homosexuality, through those He elected to nurture the new churches. But, I don't expect ignorant unsaved men and women to understand that.

Suffice to say that in my own ministry I have counselled many homosexuals, and a lot of them have changed for good. Some have also become Christians. As one who counsels, I will never betray those who come to me by hiding the facts or refusing to talk bluntly about what is killing them. I will leave that to critics, who apparently wish to see them dead. This is a proper conclusion to apply to those who think a death-culture is okay.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© October 2006

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