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Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage:
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage.
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty. (Richard Lovelace, To Althea, from Prison)

Lovelace wrote the poem to which this stanza belongs, when in Gatehouse Prison. He was protesting governmental laws against clergy and said that ‘obeying the king and following England’s orders does not make him free’. On the other hand, he did not believe that being in prison made him less free, because imprisonment and freedom stem not from what is done to us, but from the body and soul. Because he started a petition he was imprisoned, with the approval of then then ‘PC’ Church of England luminaries. At that time freedom of speech was far from reality.

Today, in supposed enlightened times there is similar loss of freedom, so Lovelace’s poem resonates with us as we struggle against PC, onerous laws and attitudes that fear freedom of thought and speech. Legal action against Christians is rife, as is hatred for their very existence. Many are killed and many maimed, and all are persecuted to some degree, even in the West.

This is why we need the Internal Freedom Movement! Will you join?

Firstly, you will need to remind yourself of this assertion – even when you are under attack, you are free in your soul! Nobody can take that away from you. Also, when you are free in soul your mind and spirit will soar, infuriating the devils and atheists, Islamists and liberals – all who deny us freedom to think and speak.

When you have been thus freed internally, you can show it. Look for examples. I give a few below:

  1. A company called Money Supermarket has been airing an advertisement that can only be described as pro-homosexual, even though the content has nothing to do with its business. Whenever it comes on TV, just press the mute button and simply look away until it is finished. At the same time just say one word to yourself – garbage! Within a short time you will become insensitive to the advertisement and you will strengthen your resolve NOT to buy anything from the website. It will be a ‘psychological emetic’.
  2. Many authorities, through intellectual stupidity and spiritual death, now fly rainbow flags to signify their allegiance to Stonewall and obedience to homosexuality. If you see them, shut your eyes very briefly and see the flags burning. Inwardly tell yourself that the flags are the symbol of a wicked form of filth. Then look away as you say to yourself “God will judge them to hell”.
  3. Whenever a known homosexual is on radio or TV, again use the mute button or switch off. Tell yourself that the person is as repulsive as his/her chosen sexual choices (God sees no difference between what the person does and what he claims to be – both the person and their actions are condemned). In this way you will reinforce the biblical truth that such persons are bound for hell and what they do is disgusting.
  4. Islam is a false religion, a pagan depiction of idolatry. Read the Old Testament to see what God thinks of paganism and worship of a false god! When you come across Islam or Islamists do not make the mistake of showing sympathy and compassion. To do so would be to totally refute what God says about them in scripture. Your mind must firstly condemn the religion, because God does. Offer civil courtesy for the sake of social peace, but do not become more friendly than that, otherwise you will be condoning what God hates... unless they genuinely ask for help This is not an invitation to hate anyone, only to loathe their religion. But, let it be understood that whilst we have no right to hate, God has every right, and He does. So, inwardly remember that Islam is hated by God, as are its followers, even when they are socially peaceful. Only give a Gospel approach when led to do so by the Holy Spirit. And never accept any part of Islam just to be courteous; do not show respect for Islam. Thus, in your mind, know that God hates Islam and those who follow it are bound for hell. Only after establishing this truth can you dare to go forward with the Gospel. In no way may we socialise as normal... we must see things from God’s viewpoint, not our own.
  5. In churches or in private groups, never accept charismatic nonsense. Inwardly reject all things charismatic, even if some things appear to be ‘good’, because God does not view them as ‘good’. Charismatic religion is not Christian or biblical. In this case we MUST throw out the baby with the bathwater (the same goes for ANY heretical or cultic religion, including “Satan’s greatest masterpiece”, Romanism). When fortified with truth, you can then begin with God and not with charismatic theories and heresies. This rejection applies to the bibles they use, too – any supposed ‘bible’ that is not KJAV. The KJAV is the best possible Bible we have, so don’t deny its authority.
  6. Do not accept the ‘best of two evils’ in any situation, including politics. This is because to choose one evil over another is itself a sin. Always look for the most righteous of men and ideas. Never accept what is the worst, for to do so is to choose sin over truth and holiness.  In politics only vote if the person is not overtly wicked or trying to subvert God and His people. Keep your inward integrity because it shows honour to the Lord. Without this inner attitude you will always be at a crossroads and always trying to juggle sins rather than getting rid of them.

I think you get the drift! When a Christian is inwardly strong, he will usually be outwardly strong. Even when subjugated by enemies you will be able to remain calm, strong and righteous. JOIN THE INTERNAL FREEDOM MOVEMENT TODAY and say ‘Nah Nah Nah nah Nah’ in your head to those things God hates!!

© 19 July 2016

Published on

Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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