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Posted below is a link to a petition by Christian Voice, entitled 'Leave Our Children Alone!'  The petition is a means to register your opposition to the sexualisation of children in schools. Those of us with common sense believe that children should be taught Mathematics, the Sciences, Linguistics, and other useful subjects, rather than being recruited by people with an evil agenda, against the will of their parents.

The link to the petition is:

The text of the petition states:


(a) that children should be taught chastity and faithfulness in marriage,

(b) that pornographic material has no place in any school,

(c) that positive teaching about homosexuality is wrong in any school,

(d) that children have a right to a childhood and

(e) that schools should do all they can to protect the innocence of young children and the virtue of older ones, whatever the sex educators, gay rights activists and condom manufacturers might want!

It is vital that all people with decency and true values sign this petition - whether they are Christian or not.  We have reported before on how children are being sexualised in schools; how homosexuals have openly admitted that they want your children; and how the next battleground is so-called 'Gender Liberation' - the total destruction of the notion of gender (see this article on The Daily Mail to see this horrific new form of child abuse).  This stuff is being taught to young children across the land.  It is time that those who oppose this immense evil took a stand.

© 23 January 2012


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