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Dr Alfred Charles Kinsey (June 23, 1894 – August 25, 1956) was an American biologist and professor of entomology and zoology, who in 1947 founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, now known as the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, as well as producing the Kinsey Reports and the Kinsey scale. Kinsey's research on human sexuality, foundational to the modern field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His work has profoundly influenced social and cultural values in the United States and many other countries. (Wikipedia, 2011)

 The global and totally pervasive reach of Dr Kinsey’s discredited research is captured in an astonishing overview in ‘Sex, Lies and Video Tape’ (Catholic Culture, 2005)  

Here are some startling conclusions on the work of Dr Kinsey from Dr Judith Reisman's book "Kinsey, Sex & Fraud" published in 1990, which show how almost all of Kinsey’s ideologies are now mainstream in Western societies and being implemented by the government of the UK and others:

“It will be clear to most readers that Kinsey reached the following three general conclusions about human sexuality:

  1. The normal expression of human sexuality is bisexuality . That this capacity is not realized in many people is because of "cultural restraints" and "societal inhibitions," which are assumed to be negative influences .
  2. Sexual contact with adults would be a normal part of growing up for children in a less inhibited society. This adult-child sexual relationship helps to socialize children and assists the development of full sexual potential in adulthood .

  3. Promiscuity and diversity of sexual expression correlate with sexual health.”[p215]


 While adult-child sex is identified as a major objective of the Kinsey "grand scheme," arriving at such a goal will not be easy. For those who subscribe to both gay and paedophile agendas – and they are in influential positions in academic sexology – there is a challenging road ahead. But the challenge is being met with a subtle and comprehensive campaign affecting society's most-prized belief systems, professions and institutions. We are fully aware that the followig alleged elements of this campaign may sound like science fiction, even though we have already seen most of them in the sex education and sexology literature:

  • Encourage gay-activist movements, and establish homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation.
  • Declare paedophilia a sexual orientation and add adult-child sex to the agenda.
  • Promote widespread promiscuity to create a sexual anarchy, where so many are implicated that the distinction of paedophilia might seem insignificant.
  • Attack religion to undermine the Judeo-Christian concept of sin and eliminate the distinction between right and wrong.
  • Attack psychoanalysis to eliminate psychoanalytical concepts that associate aberrant sexual behaviours with mental illness. Dissociate sex from pathology.
  • Lobby the judicial system to reform sex laws so that aberrant sexual behaviour is not considered criminal. Legalize aberrant sex acts to eliminate punishment for sex crimes.
  • Promote hostility between the sexes. Align feminists with gay activists in a campaign against heterosexuality per se.
  • Exploit childhood rebellion to alienate children from parents. Separate children from the protective traditional family structure.
  • Redefine Family to break the heterosexual model of a nuclear family with a mother and father.

"What chance of success does such an agenda have? Probably not much. When mainstream Americans learn to recognize the components of such a campaign, however cunningly disguised the elements are inside "AIDS education " programs, "initiative" to dispel "homophobia," and the like, they are likely to make short shrift of them."

Fast forward to 2011. Extracts from Home Secretary Teresa May's first major speech on LGBT rights at an event hosted by the gay lobby group Stonewall, when she was able to repeatedly say, "WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY". [...] “I think that shows how far we, as a society, have come;”…. “As a country we have come a long way;” and “as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before.” And yet again: “We’ve come a long way. I said at the start of my speech that as a nation we have come a long way, and we have.”” despite the real progress we have seen in recent years, there is much still to do.”…. “And we will go further – we will implement section 202 of the Equality Act which will remove the ban on civil partnership registrations being held on religious premises.”  (Anglican Mainstream, 24 August 2011)

This whole agenda – is a blueprint of manipulative strategy - has been insidiously beavering away with little resistance and now that society has been sexualised, it is mainstream. Paedophilia is next and what will be the reaction of the impotent church? I hope and pray they will not carry on in holy huddles ignoring reality but will wake up, stand up and fight this evil for the sake of the children.

© 27 August 2011

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