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Just watched the TV news... and what hogwash we are being fed!

It looks like we are heading the same way as those gormless propagandised USA folks who call for white people to be ashamed of being white!

Now, the UK says it must act, because latest figures show Afro-Caribbeans are not treated so well as white people (work, school, etc). But, too many variables are missing from the data, such as school drop-outs, etc (many white kids drop out and get nowhere. What about them, too??)!!

But, the best bit is that Pakistani women feel marginalised.

It was obvious that the group of Pakistani women being interviewed were obviously monied and middle aged AND spoke English. The latest batches of Pakistanis were not interviewed, complete with their burqas, no-English with a chip on the shoulder!

If a person comes here and can’t speak English, it will be a massive barrier. So is the very low education and skills shortage, plus an attitude of wanting everything free without working for it.

This kind of news item is sickening, because the real issues are not mentioned. In particular, that Pakistanis are Muslims, and don’t want to work or ‘get on’. They just want our state benefits. Those older ladies, though Muslim, are the ‘old breed’ who came to the UK TO work!

We must watch that we don’t travel the road taken in the USA and blame white people for being born white! No more concessions, please! Too much notice is taken of Muslim sensibilities.

Jobs must go to those best qualified and skilled, not to a quota by government to hire ‘minorities’. Christians are now a minority – so why don’t THEY get similar privileged attention??

This ridiculous guilt-trip society must stop being fools. If any foreigner wants to get on in the West, let them work for it and stop wanting everything for nothing. And let then radically change
their nasty disregard for the West.