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Punch the Transgender Issue on the nose

There seems to be an unwritten rule amongst Christians that one must always be ‘loving’ when responding to vital issues. What does this maxim really mean? And is it always possible?

Most recently one ministry asked how we may ‘lovingly respond’ to the transgender issue.

Friends, transgenderism requires a sharp punch on the nose, not a ‘loving response’!!

It is part of the homosexual movement that has brought havoc to everyone and will play an even bigger role in hating God and His people, and destroying scripture and biblical values.  With transgenderism in particular it is a bizarre and wicked position, based on really stupid ideas – hence I call it stupid. I have no time to play games and piously smile with a ridiculous supposedly ‘godly’ indulgence. There are times when we must hit a wicked situation right between the eyes. In this case it is ruining children for all their lives, underpinning it with satanic theories and practices. It is another ‘prize’ owned by foul people who claim ‘gay’ is normal and even a gift from God!!

There is no way I can give a ‘loving response’ to the movement that tries to destroy man and woman as created!!

Do you think Christ would have given a ‘loving response’?? I don’t think so. See how He spoke to the Pharisees? How many believers almost choke on being ‘loving’ to those who deliberately destroy God’s word and deceive humankind? I would.... so I do not pretend just to appear ‘pious’. If a transgender wishes to sincerely get out of his or her wicked musings, then fine – they’ll get my sincere and patient attention. But to love I must be so led by Almighty God, not by Christian tradition, which tries its best to love every kind of deviation and vile foulness. I will not do it!

Call me what you like if you think (as many do) that I should shut my mouth. No – what is at stake is greater than sin-o-philes. What is at stake is vital truth of God, needed immediately
with a strong dose of realism and even righteous anger.