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Well, it had to happen. I had half an ear to the TV today and I caught a glimpse of the usual charity plea to give to poor people in Africa. You know the stuff – children with big eyes, mothers looking sad, hacking at dry earth, etc. Then came the final sentence:

“Give as Jesus would give”. Well...

I must again warn that what we are seeing in almost all the charity ads is manipulation of emotions. What they don’t show is the CAUSE of the failure of water and agriculture.

In the advertisement mention was made of ‘climate change’, but that is just bunkum. I don’t wish to sound hard-hearted my friends, but when vast sums are given worldwide by many Christians to these charity pleas, they do not take into account the question: “SHOULD you give to these causes, just because people are hungry or thirsty?” No doubt this confirms me in my hardness!

No, I am pointing something vital out to you – just about ALL those people that charities pay out to are Muslims in Muslim-run lands. Islam is the cause of their piteous condition and ‘fate’.
Islam does not scrape and build, strengthen and give hope. It stays as it is, forlorn and sad, never going onwards or progressing the condition of the people. The only people to flourish in
Islamic lands are the high-born, who grab the cash for themselves. They don’t help their kinsmen. But, they are more than happy for Westerners to supplement what THEY should be doing!

I would contrast this with what happened when Jews had the land promised to them by God, through the international courts – they made the deserts bloom! When Muslim Arabs saw it, they
moved in their thousands to the place now dubbed ‘Palestine’. The Jews also created jobs and industries. You won’t find that in Islamic countries – the same countries Christians support. BUT,
what they are supporting is the status quo, so nothing will change while money flows to those poor Muslims. Their countries won’t help them. Their religion will only crush and kill them. Your money only goes to make matters far worse, by retaining the same wicked regimes.

The answer is NOT to give sums of money indiscriminately to all and sundry, just because those big eyes beckon you! No, those big eyed kids grow into Islamic thugs and haters of the West.

They reject the one true God. And even the quiet ones will continue as before in Islamic fashion, accepting their ‘fate’.

What is needed is the death of Islam, not children. And Christians can help to kill this wicked religion off, by teaching truth, opposing Islam, and not handing out money that probably ends up
in the pockets of dictators and murderous soldiers. Be wise, not money-wasting fools! The people you are giving to will continue to live as they have done ever since Muslims brainwashed them into submission!!! They won’t change, because Islam is against progress and building a just and decent society. Your money only makes this worse and extends the time of their suffering, a suffering that IS BUILT INTO ISLAM ITSELF.

Don’t be a money waster. Get a tougher mind and a genuine heart. 

If you wish to help people, help those closer to you; help fellow believers as you ought. Even Britain Was once very poor and unable to have sufficient food – but that was because of wicked rulers.

As people saw how to overturn the wickedness, so they started to devise ways to grow food and to work for gain. Until that time, they, too, were starving. So, those you now help will just keep on needing help because of Islam.