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So, 'official figures' say that 1.5% of the population are homosexual (The Independent, 24 Septemeber 2010). Back in the mid 1980s the claim (by homosexuals) was 10%. I contested that figure at the time, saying it was closer to 1.5% of even less – probably under 1%. Much later I added that even this figure can be doubted, because homosexuals tend to move back and forth between normality and homosexuality. Therefore, to put a figure on what was a changing scene was absurd. So, the figures I quoted way back 25 years ago are proving to be quite accurate!!

Over that same period all the predictions I made about this tiresome and evil movement have been proved correct, and nothing has been proved to be wrong! Of course, Stonewall and other 'advocate' groups trying to destroy the nation with sexual perversion, are shouting the odds, saying the figures 'must be higher'. They must insist on higher figures because pro-gay laws are based on what they claim to be a 'fixed number' of homosexuals. They say it is fixed because homosexuality is part of normal human sexuality... which it is not. It is a perversion. And it is a personal choice - all of which Stonewall and others do NOT want to be made public.

At the very least the latest figures prove beyond doubt that government is heavily biased towards just one group in society, forcing the entire 98.5% of society to obey the whims of just 1.5%. Thus all pro-gay laws are discriminatory against all of society and especially Christians. This is not acceptable and brings the actions of MPs and others into serious question. The changes brought about by pro-gay laws are far-reaching and damaging, affecting all of the nation. These latest figures prove that pro-gay laws and policies are way out of centre, with no true value.
Barry Napier

© 28 September 2010

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