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This article is in response to a reader of an article in The Christian Post (26 October 2010) about Nancy Heche and Joe Dallas's new book "The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality: A Handbook for Helping Those Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction".

The book it refers to is in grave error, as I explain. Do not be fooled by the continual propaganda put out by 'gays', whom God condemns outright. Christians who 'side' with the compassion error are in a very poor position, if not sin.

Note that the comments are on the article and not on the book, which I have not read… but can guess the content, having read so many similar books in the past.

Nancy Heche's  husband died of AIDS thirty years ago, at a time when the disease was not even named, but was referred to by medical men as ‘The Gay Plague’. To me, this was the most accurate description ever given to AIDS, because the disease was caused by, and spread by, homosexuals alone. Do not be fooled by the fact that it now can be found amongst other sections of society… homosexuality has sole responsibility for its spread in the world. Ever since AIDS became known, ‘gay activists’ have fought to fudge the issue, by saying ‘everyone’ has responsibility for AIDS, which is untrue.

Sickeningly, her daughter later confessed to having a lesbian relationship with a famed TV host. And others in her family added to the horror by ‘coming out’. For so many to be homosexual in one family is indicative of something nasty, whether it is copying others, or just not being brought up in the wrong atmosphere. By that I do not mean that how we are brought up protects us from sin, but it certainly makes it harder to admit openly to such sin.

From the article it seems that Nancy wanted answers to the whole matter. I am not surprised! But, as I have noted from others who do similar searches, they tend to come at the subject from their own point of view, which is emotional. God sees it from a very different perspective!

Nancy rightly says that her family was hurt by her husband’s infidelity and death. It was a correct response. But, an indication of how she might respond is found in the words “she knew nothing (about the homosexual lifestyle)”. We do not need to know anything at all about any sin.

Does God tell us to ‘understand’ this or that sin? No, He does not! He just condemns it outright, warning us not to indulge in it. It does not matter what the sin is. If sin is wrong, then the causation and ‘lifestyle’ are meaningless. They are just baubles on a rotting carcass. As one who worked closely with psychiatric patients (including homosexuals) I can testify to that truth.

What she calls a ‘lifestyle’ (a term I also use, but, I hope, with knowledge) is not a valid term to use on its own. It detracts from calling it a sin… and a gross one at that. Those who indulge in homosexual sin tend to gather together, not because they are a valid group such as, say, Indians (race being a red-herring used by homosexuals), but because by being in a group they can more easily find sexual partners and act in an atrocious manner. ‘Gay Pride’ events are good examples of this communal sin. There is no real ‘community’, only a collection of gross sinners who turn any genuine community into a danger for children and youths and ensure Satan has his way, turning what might have been a good place to live into a cesspit.

Nancy says that her husband’s actions were a “betrayal”. This is a sound word to use, because, in a marriage, it is actually adultery. It is also perverse fornication.

She says she grew up in a church and family that did not talk about homosexuality. But, why should they? Does God ask us to talk in detail about sin? No, He just tells us to stop it. The causes and details are irrelevant.

“We come to the kingdom for such a time as this, and we come to the kingdom of homosexuality, usually not by our own choice. But here we are and what is God going to do in our lives around this?” Frankly, this statement holds no meaning. What on earth is she saying here? What ‘choice’ is she talking about? If she is suggesting that we do not choose to become homosexual, then she is plainly very wrong. Every sin is a choice.

Nancy said that after so many family members admitted to homosexuality, she decided to study the matter for herself. “God gives us a second chance to get it right. Or at least two, three or four chances to get it better.” This is not necessarily true. God does not act as we do, and we cannot rely on Him always showing mercy towards our ignorance and sin… and supporting, or sympathising with, a known gross sin is as bad as being in that sin ourselves. God, for example, says that the nation that does not put a murderer to death is just as guilty of spilling blood as the murderer, and He will judge them.

There are times when God will warn only once – or not at all. He might easily judge a man or woman immediately. It is wrong to think God will stand by patiently as we indulge in gross sin. (Yes, all sins are equal in terms of punishment, but some are ‘gross’ because they are so heinous: murder, idolatry, homosexuality, etc).

“If God wants us to heal something, He brings it up again.” Who says so? This is another dangerous assumption. Taken to its logical conclusion, it means that if we do not discern God bringing something up again, then the sin can carry on indefinitely. Why should God “bring it up again” when He has already condemned homosexuality totally and fully in His word? Don’t Christians read their Bibles? (I know most do not!). The starting point is ALWAYS God’s word and not our own notions.

It is also indicative that Nancy speaks of ‘healing’ in response to a gross sin. God does not speak of it this way. He just says something is wicked, and we must stop it… ‘or else’. When it comes to gross sins they are rarely given a ‘second chance’. In Romans 1 for instance, homosexuality is condemned outright, with no ‘second chance’.

God says in scripture that homosexuals will never enter heaven… and few who enter this forbidden arena ever come to Christ. This is because, as Romans 1 tells us, it is not just a sexual perversion; it includes other gross sins, such as rebellion against God, hatred for Him and His word, and so on. Read Romans 1 for the full list of evils found in the homosexual ‘lifestyle’.

Nancy’s book contains ‘causes for homosexuality’. The only cause for it, is human choice to do sin. And as a sin it is vile. There might at times be secondary reasons such as the way we are brought up, or influences of pornography, etc., but these are not excuses; they are casual factors. They are just further symptoms of lives laden by sin, not ‘causes’.

Let us get it right – homosexuality is gross sin. Those who indulge in it do so after much fantasy. They also fantasize about ‘why’ they should act so wickedly. In other words, they try to find excuses for their actions. But, always, their actions begin as a long period of sexual sin in their heads and hearts.

‘Coming out’ is simply when the sin controls their lives and they ‘explode’ with great pride and arrogance, thinking they do something ‘good’ by telling everyone they are ‘homosexual’. This is very like a cancer growing inside a person and then suddenly bursting through the skin to pour out its awful stench and cancerous residues. It is a sign of a full-blown fatal maturity of the condition, not a sign of something acceptable.

There is nothing good or nice about this. It is just an admission of gross sin. But, they are NOT ‘homosexual’. When we refer to them as ‘homosexual’ we give them a special designation. They are not special in any way; they are just gross sinners, with actions that God calls ‘wicked’ – the very end of the spectrum of evils man can do.

No man or woman is ‘homosexual’ as if it were a class on its own requiring special concessions. They just do homosexual things, which is very different. ‘Homosexuals’ try to position themselves as special, a group on their own, but this is only for propaganda purposes.

And God does not ‘heal’ homosexuality. The term itself implies a disease or condition that cannot otherwise be dealt with, where the person is a ‘victim’. This is a lie. All sins are condemned by God. His answer to sins? Stop them! Simple as that! The secondary ’causes’ are irrelevant to God. We are not called to ‘heal’ homosexuality, only to stop it or be sent to hell. God is as blunt as that!

Just remember – the ‘causes’ of homosexuality are beside the point and have no value. Churches who ‘discuss’ homosexuality do so ignorantly, and this book seems to follow the same pattern, if the article is anything to go by. We should never discuss or debate gross sin: our duty is to describe sin for what it is and demand it be stopped, no matter what ‘causes’ we think exist. Usually, the ‘causes’ are just excuses and have no bearing on the issue.

Nancy brings up yet another populist lie about homosexuality: “God has a winning strategy regarding homosexuality. That strategy is: love trumps everything.” This is a typical charismatic stance (I do not now if she is charismatic, but her stance is). God’s approach to homosexuality is not ‘love’, but condemnation without exceptions. Yes, He will show boundless love towards those who stop their sin and are saved. But, not otherwise – rather, He says that homosexuals are anathema, doing awful abominations. Love does NOT trump sin! Repentance does.

Another lie is that Christians must always show compassion for homosexuals. This should be shunned by those with a genuine heart for God. God condemns not just homosexuality, but the ‘homosexual’. That must be our own starting point. ONLY if someone admits that what they do is sin, and ONLY if God has prompted them by making their spirits alive, may we show any kind of legitimate and loving response.

If we show ‘compassion’ for people who act wickedly BECAUSE they are wicked, then we act wickedly ourselves! We cannot and must not show compassion for what God calls an abomination! We may only show compassion to those whom God has regenerated, and if they themselves know that they sin and MUST be rid of it.

Nancy says that all the homosexuals she talked to said that the Church (Christians and God) hates them. For some reason she wants to dispel that as a myth. It is not a myth to say God hates homosexuality and homosexuals, because that is exactly what He says! Christians do not have a right to hate anyone, including homosexuals – but God does.

For us it means we have no right to sympathise with them, nor to support them in their sin. We have no right to be compassionate unless they are regenerated and start to cast aside their evils. Throughout we MUST hate homosexuality as a gross sin. Saying that Christians hate them is just part of ‘gay’ propaganda. It fuels the idea that hatred exists, so that they can then get more laws from governments.

Again, the book speaks of an ‘homosexual community’. Friends – there IS NO COMMUNITY!! Rather, homosexuals gather together for the sake of sex. There is no community, also, because no man or woman is truly ‘homosexual’ in the sense of being ‘made that way’.

Each person comes to homosexuality by a deliberate choice. Each stands condemned by God, Who says they are abominable. Each ‘homosexual’ is just a sinning heterosexual. Each can move back and forth from normality to abnormality, time and again. So, the one who is ‘homosexual’ today may decide to return to normality tomorrow, back to heterosexuality, as God created men and women!

“The book… speaks out about God’s love for the homosexual community.” Another lie. God condemns them outright! He does not ‘love’ them in any sense at all. Few come to Christ from this group of wicked men and women, because they have been given over to their evils by God. Read His word!!

Do you find it hard to stomach – that God hates certain people? Then the problem is within your own heart, not with God! He is not like us and His judgments are pure and true. He is not hampered by emotions, but everything He says and does is perfect. So, when He says He hates homosexuals enough to send them to hell, we must accept it as His final word on the matter. All ‘homosexuals’ are standing on the threshold of hell!

There is certainly no hierarchy of sin in God’s eyes. But, He DOES speak of homosexuality in a very deep way, showing us that it is a combination of many wicked sins, not just one – and all of them prove the person is in open rebellion against God. This is why He hates them, and why they hate Him. It is God, too, Who warns us not to help those who hate Him.

Nancy speaks of a ‘ministry to homosexuals’. No doubt a few good men might be called by God to minister to homosexuals – but it is NOT a widespread call to ALL Christians and ALL local churches to minister to ALL homosexuals. There cannot be such a widespread ‘call’ when God has already condemned the sin and its adherents. It is not up to us to sympathise with ‘homosexuals’ – it is up to them to recognize their wickedness, stop it, and approach Christians with a contrite heart.

Another typical error is when Nancy says “God loves the world. Jesus came to die for sinners and we’re all sinners.” This is a bad oversimplification, put in very poor language! God loves the ‘world’, meaning those who are elect. Jesus came to die for the elect, not for everyone. There is no justification in this for all Christians to show compassion to all homosexuals. As I have said, there can be no ‘compassion’ except for those whom God regenerates (and such will be very few) and who will be saved.

The book is co-authored by Joe Dallas, the founder of Genesis, a group helping homosexuals to leave their ‘lifestyle’. If Joe’s views are contained in the above, then his words, too, are badly flawed, if not sinful. We dare not accept what God condemns. He, too, speaks of ‘healing sexual addiction’, when God takes a very different view – stopping your sin altogether. We do it, not God.

Healing is a passive act, but God expects us to actively stop sin, not to expect God to remove what we harbour in our hearts, when we have no real desire to do so ourselves. Also, healing tends to make us ‘victims’. Homosexuality is not about victims but about people who choose to ignore and despise God and His word, preferring, instead, sexual perversion, against everything God says about it in His word. Christians who do not understand this are part of the problem.

Joe refers to a ‘debate’ about homosexuality. There is no debate and must never be one. It is sin for churches and denominations to ‘discuss’ homosexuality, especially with ‘homosexuals’, because God has already condemned them and their sin! There is NO debate, only a command to stop the sin and repent, never again to re-enter the dark and filthy world of homosexual perversion.

Finally, in the article, Nancy says Joe is “going to present the truth”. From what I can see he does not, and nor does she. The churches are in a terrible mess, because they do not read scripture nor do they adhere to it as it is written. The excuses given by homosexually-inclined sinners should never be a starting point for debate or compassion. Those who claim to have ‘come out’ and have not repented have no place whatever in our churches, and Christians must avoid and shun them until they show repentance.

Finally, I have known many ‘homosexuals’ over the past 45 years, and only one showed any kind of sensitivity. The rest were the very epitome of the wicked men and women described in Romans 1. Do not be fooled by emotional double-talk, especially not by Christians. God condemns homosexuals AND homosexuality to hell. We have no right to ignore that just to make ourselves feel better.

© 29th October 2010

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