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Though Nationwide says it opposes discrimination and supports 'diversity', and funded Stonewall, the CEO of the Nationwide Building Society, Graham Beale, said on 17th November, that his company "is not supportive of the vilification of individuals, and we have made this clear to Stonewall". He also said that Nationwide support was for only one year. Nationwide, then, knew that what Stonewall does is reprehensible and so wanted nothing to do with its viciousness. It probably rues the day it agreed to funding!

What this shows is that whilst Stonewall laughs in derision at anyone who opposes them, they do so only because government has been duped by them into accepting its laws, written by Stonewall or its linked persons, and passed without any kind of change or examination.

Without the laws of discrimination devised by Stonewall, no sane company would touch 'discrimination' demands by homosexuals with a barge-pole! That is the truth! The only reason companies jump on the bandwagon is that either they think 'gays' are a bigger presence than they really are, OR they are too scared to oppose them. I know this from past discussions with companies. Few companies actually want to support gay events or causes, but think it is better than running a gauntlet of homosexual hatred... the 'Bigot of the Year' awards being just one childish but potent example. Frankly, those who receive it should be very proud of their opposition to these worthless movements. And, anyway, 'awards' to those who comply with Stonewall are just the equivalent of tin foil bottle tops.

The Nationwide admission highlights this to be the case – it is pressured to act out Stonewall demands. Otherwise, as its 'Bigot' awards prove, Stonewall will go after companies and all but set them on fire, using intemperate language as they wish. What Stonewall and other 'gays' say constitutes hate speech, and drives homosexuals to hatred and even violent actions. There are laws against that! They do this with supreme confidence, knowing that our appalling government will not do one thing to stop them. How can they, when there is an inordinate and deliberate number of 'gay' MPs who push through gay laws for no valid reason!

What Stonewall does is typical of homosexual attack – they viciously humiliate and intimidate anyone who stands in their way. It is what makes Stonewall the schoolyard bully rather than the vanguard of intellectual argument. Indeed, 'intellect' is what we do not see. It is what makes all homosexual causes Fascist. Look up the meaning of fascist; look up how Nazi Germany arose! You will see that homosexual causes are the epitome of the same wicked, aggressive thinking: the homosexual movement is neo-Nazi.

Of course, the same homosexuals will attack this kind of comment. They have to, because their strength is very brittle. They want to be ferocious, but fear the backlash! They do not want other big companies to realise that the homosexual cause is so narrow and vicious, that their own profits are at risk by supporting 'gaydom'. But, like all immature bullies who shout out 'Fatty', Stonewall cannot help its childish attacks, using vilification as a weapon. Note that 'vilification' comes from the word 'vile', which means 'worthless, base, depraved, repulsive'. So, by rejecting Stonewall's vilification tactics, Nationwide is showing Stonewall up for what it really is.

Of course, Nationwide will hedge their wording in responses and only quote that they are against discrimination...ladeda, ladeda, ladeda, so as to avoid the vicious Stonewall and GLBT XYZ backlash, but now the cat is out of the bag! Companies only support Stonewall because gay themes have legal backing and they fear being attacked. They would not otherwise deal in gayness or show concern for 'diversity' (both give endless trouble), which is just a word used by gays to mean 'homosexuality'.

© 21 November 2011

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