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During the current coronavirus crisis I have had to remain at home (now over 4 weeks and counting!).

As our TV is put on to provide mental stimuli for my wife (she has dimentia) as she sits in her chair, and I have been with her much of that time I have seen a number of things on TV. I have noted how homosexual relationships are, time and again, been portrayed as nice, friendly, natural and normal.

As part of this, writers are making very sure viewers witness what appears to be lesbian and ‘gay’ relationships as equal to that of normal people (heterosexuals). The word ‘love’ is inserted
into scripts as many times as possible.

The aim is to convince the normal world that homosexuality is just as good as heterosexuality.

BUT, friends, don’t fall for this huge propaganda push!! Don’t be misled into accepting homosexuality for any reason at any time.

Homosexuals DO NOT ‘love’ each other.

Homosexuals only know how to make demands of their partners.

The idea is to rule the other person.

What they have is lust, not love.

And this is why police have said homosexual partnerships are the most violent.

As for homosexual ‘marriages’ – these are fake sorry copies of real marriages.

Don’t be sucked into the whole homosexual propaganda game... remember that God hates homosexuality AND homosexuals, just as He hates ALL kinds of sin. However, it is clear that He loathes homosexuality totally and speaks of the sin with immense anger. This is why He says those who are homosexual are bound for hell.

So this also means Christians who claim to be homosexual are either not Christians, or they are gravely deceived. God will not allow them to continue in their evils.

Forget the portrayals on TV – it is all a lie. Behind it all is a gross swirling cesspit of sewage.

No Christian can possibly accept these people in their lives.

Their only way out is to repent and be saved, and to change radically back to normalcy.

However, scripture shows us that very few will ever do that, so awful is their choice of evil.