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The following excerpt is from an article published by the Christian Institute, entitled  'Punished: Mayor who criticised Halloween'. Sadly, it shows yet again that openly practicing Christians are no longer tolerated by the governments of nations with the richest of Christian heritages.

Does this verdict mean we can be reprimanded if we, say, do not wish to give a welcome dinner to a murderer? What if we refuse to attend a function hosted by homosexuals? I am sure we can think of many excellent caveats to this stupidity.

It is sad to see that the councillor has regretted what he said. We want MORE of this, not less!

A church-going former mayor in Warwickshire who declined to take part in a Halloween event has been found in breach of equality rules for upsetting pagans.

Tom Wilson, who is a member at Manor Court Baptist Church in Nuneaton, said he believed Halloween was a "pagan festival" and that he did not want to be associated with it.

But his comments, in 2009, were attacked by pagans who complained to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

Now the former mayor has been officially reprimanded for the comments and been instructed to make a written apology in the press.


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