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We received the following comment on our Contact Form, as we don't publish comments there we thought it deserved an article in its own right and a rebuttal as the accusation of being "obsessed with homosexuality" is a common slur against anyone who opposes sodomy.

Comment received from Barry Waterfield 22 January 2013

"This is my second attempt to comment on your site which I found whilst researching UKIP party constitution. I should point out that I do not share your faith but that said, it is a free country and you are free to believe in whatever you please, I respect and defend your freedom of choice.

However, I feel obliged to say that I consider you to be obsessed with homosexuality to an extent that I found noxious, it seems to be the major thrust of your Christian Ministry. I am tempted to believe there is an element of subconscious denial when I look at the number of entries homosexuality merits. Not a page without some reference. Furthermore there are inaccuracies that even I as a layman know to be untrue, for example, referring to homosexuals as sodomites,when there are homosexuals that don't practice this entertainment and heterosexuals that do.Whose foolish notion was this?

I feel your have an unhealthy outlook and based on the generalisations I have read I rather think that I will remain outside rather than inside your 'happy band'.

In conclusion I would welcome a little more on the starving of the third world and a little less on the shirt lifters of your imagination who by comparison are few and well enough fed. I feel your neglect is shameful. You are a sham with pretence to Christian morality whilst in reality drawing attention to various sexual erotica that most people could find out for themselves.

Barry Waterfield. e-mail as advised."

First you tell us you are a 'layman', and then you dare to tell us we are wrong! Well done. That we are 'obsessed' by homosexuality and that every page contains reference to it, is misled and shows a distinct lack of historical sense, plus a lack of understanding as to why we tackle the issue.

If you look at our full Publications List (you are free to request it) you will find two things – (a) that our opposition to homosexuality is fully related to current information and societal truth and (b) most of the articles on the subject have been written in the last few years. This is because homosexual activists have literally taken over government mentality, policies and laws. As a result Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs. Now, to answer various points as they arise in your comment...

  1. We are not obsessed by homosexuality – we have been forced to speak out because of homosexual fascism (anyone who has an understanding of Fascism and Nazi propaganda will understand this to be true). This is closely tied-in to the sudden onslaught of homosexually-caused HIV and AIDS since the 1980s and the violence shown by homosexuals at that time, which is now being enacted verbally and by law. In so doing they have ravaged the world with foul diseases and look upon children as sex fodder.
  2. We call homosexuals 'Sodomites' because that is what scripture calls them. This is not particularly related to anal sex, but to the total disregard for morality and a love of unrestrained sexual behaviour of all kinds. It is you who is unable to comprehend why they are Sodomites. So, to answer "Whose foolish notion was this?", try God.
  3. "Subconscious denial"? What an old chestnut you have dragged up from the murky depths of psychology! It is so stupid as to be laughable. I first heard this one in the early 1970s, coming from psychiatrists. I laughed in their faces, literally, and asked them for proof. Of course, like just about everything homosexuals claim, there was none! If I followed your logic, then I could say that your comments are probably an indication that you are a closet Christian! What utter nonsense. And what intellectual paucity.
  4. "unhealthy outlook"? Hm. Christian truth requires purity of mind and heart. It requires a moral stance. Homosexuality requires total immorality leading to millions dying of AIDS and homosexual-related exotic cancers, etc. It requires the sexual exploitation of children, to such an extent that the number of AIDS-deaths among younger people is growing. So, just who is 'unhealthy'? And where are the 'generalisations'? We quote definite facts, from proven sources. Whereas all your comments are plainly from the side of homosexual propaganda, without proofs.
  5. You want to stay "outside (our) happy band"? Sir, you have already stated you are not a Christian. That means you can never be part of our 'happy band' anyway! You are barred by your unbelief. And, furthermore, perhaps it has evaded you, but our website is for fellow Christians, not for unbelievers, who can never understand what we are talking about anyway – your email is a good example of this ignorance.
  6. As for the "starving of the third world", we leave that to the people who starve them – national despots who steal money for their own lavish lifestyles, charities who use up money for their own large salaries, atheistic groups like the Sierra Club who wish to see millions dying by any means possible.... the list is endless. As Jesus said, we are to pay attention to the souls of people, because the "poor are with us always", thanks to the greed of atheistic people everywhere. There are countless genuine Christians who help the poor and starving, but no-one bothers to acknowledge them. Instead, they are murdered by Islam and generally go unsung. As for us, our stated aim is to teach fellow Christians, doctrine, and oppose spiritual fakery.
  7. We "are a sham", and highlight sexual immoralities that people can find out anyway? Yet another very confused statement by you. In the 1950s I did not know what homosexuality was, such was the morality of the time. The 60s saw a shameful legal acceptance of homosexuality and then the whole scene exploded into sexual debauchery, with a massive increase in abortion and sexual diseases. But, it took the homosexuals to bring us HIV and AIDS, by their sheer hatred of God and their own selves. The shame is on them, on politicians who wish to expand their vile life choices, and on ignorant folks who think it is 'immoral' to want an end to sexual wickedness that brings misery to millions and loss of freedom of speech and choice brought about by homosexual fascism.

Needless to say, I reject your comments out of hand, because they are unworthy even to appear on our web page. But, in this instance, we allow it to highlight the kind of moral and social death that has overcome unbelievers, who God sees as spiritually dead anyway.