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Everything that is happening in the world today proves that the prophesied end of the world is coming. And part of that end is the unleashing of Satanic power and deception. But, we are now moving beyond deception, and are seeing raw wickedness. This is because sin is always hidden and done in secret at first. Then, adherents move from careful deception to a mix of deception and truth. We have seen this over the past forty years. But now – the gloves are off. Satan has managed to convince the people that his way is best! Nothing has shown this more than the evils of homosexuality, which have introduced sexual immorality on a worldwide scale.

Despite the truth – that homosexuality and wider sexual improprieties result in social destruction and death – it has obtained the backing of governments and churches everywhere (except Uganda et al). There is still one more step to take, and it will come very soon. This next step will be the finale of the homosexual movement, in which the full ramifications of homosexuality and sexual immorality will be viewed in all its vileness. It will be foul!

But, Satan is far more careful than we are! He knows that revealing his true nature will still create a storm.

That is why many organisations exist with his name set out in mixed order...Sanat, for example. It is a deliberate ploy found throughout the New Age movement itself. Meanwhile Satan is acting upon wicked peoples everywhere, in readiness for his last assault on the world before God steps in.

In the last Beacon I called new bible versions 'Satanic'. One brother in Christ chided me for using the term, but I have no option but to call ALL new versions 'Satanic'. Few Christians understand why the new versions are rated as 'Satanic', especially as the majority of Christians use one or other of them. But, I suggest they do so unwittingly and in ignorance.

There are two kinds of heretic – the one who is deliberate and the one (the majority) who is ignorant. Today, global heresy is afoot because of the new versions. It is now my duty to show Christians why this is so, with the help of a world - leading theologian, G A Riplinger, who has researched the situation for the past six years.

ALL new versions are from the bosom of Satan (whose other name, Lucifer, is methodically removed from many new versions for a very good reason), who is now replacing Jesus Christ as Lord. The new version ideology has been planned and deliberate, as bible editors deceive the public. Even those trained in Bible schools are being deceived into thinking the new versions are 'better' and based on a 'new' Greek. In reality it is all a lie, as Satan trains them to believe his lies.

There is no new 'Greek' or better sources than those used by the KJAV. The 'new' Greek is a deception and based on only ONE corrupt source. Only the KJAV is superlative and based on genuine sources.

I do not care who you are, whether pastor, theologian, teacher, or untaught individual Christian. If you read new versions, or teach them to be 'good' or 'better', you are in grave spiritual danger. You are reading materials that set out to destroy faith and the name of the Lord.

All of this will be shown on my coming literature. I can assure you that many will be shocked by what Satan is now doing.

He is doing it to drive Christians towards a one world religion. It is why so many churches collapsed under the Alpha course, ecumenism, charismaticism, and widespread theological cancers. Satan is shaking-up the churches so they no longer know truth from lies. It is why homosexuality has gained such rapid acceptance... through New Age lies that have infiltrated the realm of God. And a big chunk of this is caused by new versions of the Bible, which have all been corrupted by Westcott and Hort in particular.

I will say no more now, so please wait until my first article is published. I will show you how this evil has come about and why. Until then I can only implore you, my brethren, to ditch every new version you have, and replace it with the KJAV, because ONLY the KJAV used proper and true sources. I will not argue or debate this, such is the enormity of the evil of the new versions. And if this work causes some to leave us, then so be it... I have had enough of allowing the new versions freedom to operate without fighting back! I never set out to upset my brethren, but there are times when this is inevitable, as God's truth is given its place as the Light of the world, unhidden by the clever machinations of Satan.

As I seek to bring the information to you as powerfully as I can, I also seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Do not cling to heresy and Satanic lies! God bless you all as you consider my words. The coming articles will be all that are needed to prove my case.