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While millions of Africans die in their desert homes through lack of income and food, 4 million families in Britain are given free money, housing and other benefits, for being scroungers! (Daily Express, 2nd Sept 2011).

When I was struggling to live on a very low wage, to support my wife and two children, I worked hard, never able to reach a level of income that paid for everything. And for many years, even though I worked, I was well below the poverty level. Even this, though, was far better than many throughout the world can get.

In the middle of this are whole families where NOT ONE member has ever worked!

Yet, they continue to have children, smoke and drink, and go out to play bingo.

It is true that a very few cannot find work, and they try their best. But, most cannot be bothered. Having formerly lived on a council housing estate, I know from experience that most do not care about work when they can get plenty of money from the state (taxpayers!).

A newish factor to be taken into account is the fiendishly high level of immigration, because many immigrants are willing to work for much less than the living wage. Why?

Because it is much higher than anything they can earn in their own countries. which is why so many are illegals.

But it still stands that huge numbers of unemployed are so because they do not wish to work!

Instead, many enter into criminal activity to boost their income. Others just watch television (often a plasma screen), and go to the boozer.

Taxes cannot support either immigrants or British scroungers, and no Christian can do so either.

© 3 September 2011

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