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Let’s Get it straight About Muslims and Homosexuals!

Today I got an email with an emphatic ‘Stop Emails’ immediately after sending out news items about Muslim violence and saying we must get rid of all Muslims. It was an angry email because it was finished with an exclamation mark. (Yet, only a week beforehand they requested to be put on all our lists!! It shows how fickle people
can be).

So, let me put it bluntly...

I hate both Islam and Homosexuality. I loathe them with a passion.

You will find, if you are an honest and studious Christian, that God does, too.

And this is why I hate them.

God also hates the ones who perpetrate them, because they are vile, reject the true image of God, and despise His word. Muslims worship a false god, one that teaches murder and mayhem. Their fake religious/military movement is pagan, and God hates paganism in any shape or form. There is no way I can condone them or allow them free passage to inflict damage on believers and the world.

In the New Testament God says He will send homosexuals to hell, because what they do is so foul and wicked. What they do is an abomination, and they are

So, I challenge ALL Christians out there who read this, to argue their case.


As human beings we cannot hate Muslims or homosexuals... but we can certainly rebuke them, upbraid them, call them what they are, and despise what they do.

As a Christian I will not commune with either Muslims or homosexuals on a social level, and certainly not in a Christian context. This is because God Himself has given them over to their lusts and violence. Both are bound for hell. And no Christian may come alongside those whom God hates.

This means that NO CHRISTIAN has a right or mandate to come alongside either. Rather, we must tell them in no uncertain manner, that they are condemned by God, UNLESS they repent and are saved and turn away from their evils. Christians ho who pretend to love them all are themselves fakes and spiritual turncoats.

So, if you are on our mailing lists and don’t like any of this, feel free to ask us to remove you from the lists. Instead, join lists that feed your ego and preferences.

BUT, bear this in mind... if you don’t like the truths we talk about, it speaks ill for your spiritual life. It tells us what is really in your souls. Not because it is us, but because what we say is God’s word... even if we speak of war, which may soon come to us.

So, what you reject is not us, but God’s word. It is up to you.

We have had folks leave us because we talk about things they cherish or wish not to hear. As the saying goes, it is their loss. We tend to talk toughly, because it is how Jesus spoke, except to those who repented and listened. Time is too short to be coddled in the rarefied atmosphere of local churches where everyone smiles all the time and where it is mandatory to ‘love’ everyone, even if God hates them! This is fake belief.

But, if that is what you want, we are happy to remove you from our mailing lists.

For others, time is now very short. We are being surrounded by the hounds of hell in the form of homosexuals and Muslims. I am being serious. When their wicked designs come to full fruit, then you will see why we are so adamant in what we say.

But, by then, it will be too late. We are neither scaremongers or haters of men... but we can see the writing on the wall. Can you?