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"Tesco is this week (Thursday) set to announce its worst Christmas performance for decades.

The supermarket giant, which accounts for £1 in every £7 spent in the shops,  is expected to say sales over the past six weeks worsened despite the launch of a major price-cutting initiative less than four months ago" (This is Money, 8 January 2012)

This is a very interesting outcome, especially as Tesco's rivals either held their market share or increased it.

Tesco thinks it is being very clever with its promotion of homosexuality within the business ('Out at Tesco') and the sponsoring of London World Pride 2012, but, as Barry Napier of said, "God can bring Tesco to ruin".

Do not be surprised if this giant, that has taken good money from Christians to pay for homosexual revelry and propaganda, is reduced in supermarket ranks!

We believe that the thousands of Christians who stopped using Tesco have helped greatly to bring it lower financially, and that Christians should not give up their opposition to Tesco.

If homosexuals remained silent about their wicked sexual choices we would say very little. But, when they flaunt them with the backing of supermarket giants, and attack Christians as well, we MUST complain and act. If this happens to Tesco after just a few months adverse publicity (which has not really been reported in gay-propagandized media), then we should continue the opposition.

It is not beyond God to cause the total collapse of Tesco. Let us seek it so that others can see that homosexuality is a foul degeneration and not something to be promoted.

© 10 January 2012

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