Society and Culture
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Two things strike me as lacking in how Christians are opposing gay marriage, attacks on B&Bs etc.

This lack comes up time and again.

Use scripture and scientific facts to expose the harm to society of Same Sex Marriage, Homosexuality and other sins

1. Christians do not seem to understand, or to convey, the fact that in the Old Testament, some items are historical and meant only for the Hebrews, such as certain Levitical commands, and so on, and some are absolute and for all of time. The commands concerning homosexuality and murder are two examples of the latter. So, not knowing the difference, they allow homosexuals and atheists to fallaciously and ignorantly scorn them for not following Mosaic laws (e.g. sea food) not meant for Christians. Remember that NOT ONE of the Ten Commandments was rescinded by Christ.

2. Christians keep opposing homosexuality ONLY on scriptural grounds. It has long been my argument that homosexual claims can be demolished on scientific and medical grounds alone. But, by insisting we are a 'Christian country' and only quoting scripture, Christians do not push forward the issues that should concern EVERY citizen - health, social, moral, ethical, etc., reasons to oppose. They need to attach both these AND scripture to their arguments, or continually be marginalised as without merit. Because they do not speak of the very real and documented problems against homosexuality, they fail to give the right message to people... and we MUST get the unsaved involved, for they, too, are in danger of gay propaganda and laws. Once we show that this matter concerns EVERYONE, we will be more likely to succeed... if this is now the Lord's will. And His will can easily include giving the fuller story and not just the cloistered biblical texts.