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Do you think your voice will make no difference? Take heart – it might have more effect than you think...

When I published my work on Quakers being non-Christian it brought many thuggish Quakers out of the woodwork – and one Quaker even started a whole new website just to hit back at me! That proved Quakers were rattled and that what I said had hit its mark. As truth often does. Similar shouting followed my work on the grotesquely Romanist Alpha course and even more when I tackled the Toronto Blessing.

All of them tried to intimidate and attack.

When my first VERY short letter was published (about 100 words!) summarising my AIDs research, the homosexual backlash was more than strident, followed by death threats, and mass complaints to the major media. Yes, it was horrific and I lost my job – but it was obvious that I had pressed the right button and that many people had read my summary. It was followed by ridicule in main Christian newspapers.

When I wrote my book against environmental nonsense and was critical of the ‘hockey stick’ graph devised by Michael E Mann, used erroneously in support of the false global warming scam, and debunked by climate scientists, Mann himself wrote a hefty rebuttal against me in a science article! Yet, I am a nobody!

This has been the pattern over the years, and such outright nasty stuff played a big part in ruining my academic career. But folks – it all proves just how effective my voice has been in fighting wickedness and error.

The same kind of nastiness comes at me time and again from within the churches so-called. SO?

At one time I tried to say only nice things and did not speak against the errors in the churches.

BUT GUESS WHAT? It made no difference whatever! The nasties stayed nasty, the ignorant remained ignorant, the bible dunces remained dunces... and people were misled by them. So, I plucked up courage again and rebooted the aims given to me by God. 

The purpose of this short piece is just to encourage the honest Christian to stay honest, and to NEVER cave in to evil men in any quarter, nor to be silent when God’s word is plundered or rewritten. Be vocal.

Write down your responses. Your voice WILL make a difference and God will reward you with peace.

Yes, you will be a target... but the real target is God, and the real victim was Jesus Christ on the cross.

Do you want to be known for your complicit silence? Or, for standing with your general in battle?

Yes, if you remain silent you may well enjoy a quieter life, have a stable job, and a quieter and probably richer future and retirement... but you will have lost God’s opportunities and the exciting but dangerous way of God... something the Lord will remind you of when you stand before Him on judgment day. I have lost friends, Christian brethren, jobs, retirement plans and more... but I look back and smile. The battle scars have been, and continue to be, many. I have no financial foundation on which to build. I have more enemies than friends, and I don’t expect any change. But, in all sincerity, I thank God He has given me a clear head and understanding of His word and the state of this world. Yes, I know what folks think of me...but I no longer care. What I care about is doing what God has given me to do. This is not a boast of any kind, nor do I look for emotional claps on the back. It is just fact. I am a nobody, but boy have lone words had a big effect!


I have spent almost an entire lifetime with my head on the block. On many occasions I wanted to just keepquiet and even run away. But, my fear of God was greater, and still is. That is why I have been attacked mercilessly over the years and I have lost many work opportunities. Now, as I come closer to my earthly end, I can look back and, despite a few mistakes, I know I have stood firm, or even with wobbly legs, but my spiritual conscience is clear. Is yours?? And remember...

“Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the LORD will be with you.” (2 Chronicles 20:17)

Christ calls us to stand with His banner on a battle field. Are YOU called? If you are a believer, then you were called to do battle from before the world began: it is the lot of every saved soul on earth. Can you just stay quiet when your Lord calls? Then the shame is your own, not mine.