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The UK, like the USA government, is bereft of truth, sense and God.

This is obvious in their socialism and the way they reject voter-instruction, and the way they are legislating against Christians and God Himself. God is indeed laughing at them in derision – but we on earth must still bear the brunt of their atheistic stupidity.

The latest example of the UKs refusal to listen to those who voted for them was when they pretended to vote for a Referendum over Europe. I say pretended, because there was no way Cameron would allow the vote against his own preferences (to stay in the EU)... the EU represents his own godless attitude and mind. And there was no way MPs would come out in favour of a referendum, because it would badly affect their political careers! (The few who rebelled are to be commended).

But, the main point is this – WHO CARES WHAT THE MPs WANTED? IT IS THE PEOPLE, THE VOTERS, WHO WANT TO GET OUT OF THE EU! THEY HAVE SAID TIME AND AGAIN THAT THE EU IS BAD FOR BRITAIN. But, as usual, MPs did their own thing, regardless of a groundswell against the EU. It is about time we ditched every MP in the UK, including the PM. They are useless, but they are still doing immense harm to the country.

Everyone wondered why Cameron brought the referendum vote forward a few days. The day after the vote we saw why – the EU was planning to dip into our Treasury AT ANY TIME TO TAKE AS MUCH AS THEY WANTED to pay for the criminal bailouts and helps to foreign countries. WHY? So that the EU system does not fail!

Again – WHO CARES! The dire warnings about international collapse is just a smoke-screen. It is the major banks and politicians who will suffer if the EU went down. The rest of us are made to suffer financially anyway, so what is the difference to us? Better to have a short time of slump than to keep paying the EU its obscene demands, which also benefit UK MPs and not the people.

Cameron is nothing better than an inexperienced clerk. As we reported a short while ago, he gets his foreign policy from Tony Blair!! Need we say anything more – one failed politician giving another failing politician 'advice' on how to apply socialist principles to the 'stupid masses'. Look long and hard at Cameron, for he is not a true Tory – he is a Socialist stooge. And a totalitarian dictator, just like Blair.

Now we have the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, saying that war may come about if we allow the EU to fail! Don't you think that is a strange way to discuss the matter? Don't you think it strange that Germany should, once again, intimidate the rest of Europe with the idea of war, if they don't shut up and comply? Our answer should be that famous reply to the Germans in World War Two, by a US general - "Nuts!" No doubt Cameron had the warning before we did... he does not strike me as a British supporter or a man with guts. He's only got power, and thinks that is sufficient. But, he hasn't got authority! He is a small boy who hides the ball so no-one else can play.

Merkel said "What is good for Europe is good for Germany" (Daily Express, 27th Oct). Frankly, I could not care less what's good for Germany, when it means the demise of my own country, which is strangling all sense and sensibility in favour of political self-interest, and which is obeying every law made by the EU though they viciously attack us, especially through the vile homosexual movement, which is fast becoming a second German stormtrooper group. If you don't know the part played by huge numbers of homosexuals in the Second World Way, then read it up, before 'gays' destroy all the evidence! And they will!

If the EU fails we will at last be free of its wicked lies and demands. We will IMMEDIATELY be free of our obligation to pay BILLIONS into the EU coffers just to be members. Then, our national debt will almost disappear and old folks will at last be given the proper respect due to them. For now, any benefits lines the pockets of corrupt politicians and their cronies in the Civil Service, who are protected from damage by their masters. The rest of us are left to the buzzards.

Meanwhile further news has come to us of even more trillions (not just billions) being demanded by the EU to stabilise Europe. What it means is the stability of banks and the EU itself. Again WHO CARES! The EU, through smoke and mirrors, is deceiving everyone about who does what and who benefits. Obama is doing exactly the same thing... and he is Marxist! The EU is Fascist. Both are socialists demanding control of all people for any reason.

This means destroying each country's ability to sustain itself. Just take all their money and they will HAVE to rely on the EU for protection and even its food! That is why yet another £5.7 BILLION is demanded by the EU for its ordinary budget (another 575 bill for every British resident... guess how they will pay it? Yes, even more taxation!!) It just keeps on coming, and our thuggish MPs do nothing to stop it. So long as their bank balances are okay, they don't care what happens to the rest of us. After all, they also have huge expenses to fall back on.

Part of the way the EU breaks countries is to demand that they take in every immigrant who wishes to enter a country. The UK is now the most immigrant-filled country in the EU. As we have said before, it is a deliberate strategy on the part of both the EU and the British government – firstly through Blair and now through Cameron – to destroy 'Britishness' and make us multi-national with no real British traits. This will then break us into grist for the EU to manipulate at will. It is my view that they have already succeeded.

And what comes after allowing in millions of immigrants, many of whom are illegal or criminal? Yes, the need for more housing. The UK population will reach a staggering 70 million by 2027. The fact that the figure goes to 2027 proves that the government has no intention of stopping this stupidity in its tracks.

The fact is simple – millions enter this country without jobs and demanding benefits. They can't pay for housing so the British taxpayer must pay for it, while, at the same time, suffering a downturn in their own standard of living, plus the insult of having freedom of speech removed. The extra housing is needed just to house immigrants! And with it comes extra schools and other benefits Over the next ten years it will cost over £100 BILLION just to educate the children of immigrants let in by Blair! A further one million new school places must now be funded for this reason. Plus 100,000 new houses every year for the next ten years. Who pays? Us, the taxpayers. Now add the thousands of criminals from the EU who should have been deported, but who are roaming our streets, breaking the law without any kind of legal restraint! Teresa May, a wicked woman in her own right, wants to KEEP those immigrants who serve sentences, because otherwise it will infringe their human rights! Well, you can guess my response to that one!

The EU is like the Black Death. Politicians who support and obey it are the disease-spreaders, who use the public as innocents who will suffer. Politicians won't suffer anything because they will get great pensions and benefits no matter what happens to the rest of us.

If we do not take back our country immediately, every day brings horrendous demands and socialist pressures. Kick out Cameron and his cronies. But do not let Labour back in, for they promise to stop ANY Christian opposition to 'gays'. We are indeed in the days of Nero's Rome! Do not think I am being 'political'. What I have said shows that the final days are upon us and Satan is breaking loose to rampage and subdue the world. But first, he must get rid of Christians! We are seeing the last great apostasy and the building of a one world empire. Rome will be a great part of it, but not true believers. And sexual immorality will become the norm, as many who call themselves 'Christian' cower behind church doors, saying nothing.

© 29th October 2011

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Bible Theology Ministries - PO Box 415, Swansea, SA5 8YH
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