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A socialist judge in the UK has opened the flood-gates for any foreigner who claims to be a student to stay in the country, even though visas for students only last three years! (Daily Express, 3rd January). A judge ruled that because a student had friends in the UK it would be 'against his human rights' to be sent home!

The student is a trainee accountant. Now, as one who took accountancy to intermediate level, I know he should have completed his degree by the time his visa ran out. So, his visa has run out and he must leave, according to the rules of visas.

He says that because he plays cricket (??) he shows his integration with this country... but, by his own admission, he says he played cricket in Bangladesh anyway! But, says Judge Susan Pitt (if she deserves such a title), he must remain in the UK, because he has also made friends. I have made friends in Croatia... so can I stay there reaping benefits? Don't think so!

You might think this is the end of the story... but, not so! This case, alongside a number of other absurd cases allowed by absurd judges because of absurd Marxist-Fascist EU Human Rights law, has prompted government to take further steps to eradicate this law from our statute books. But, it isn't over until the fat lady sings... and this is far from over!

Take notice that if Britain gets rid of the Human Rights law it will do so only because homosexuals have had all the 'rights' it could give them previously! They are 'rights' denied to Christians. And that is the real reason why government wants to be rid of the EU law, absurd though it is. They don't want Christians to benefit from justice or to upset the 'gay' applecart!

We can only guess at what will happen if the Human Rights law is removed. I know that it is a law that deserves to be burned at the stake... But we all know that given a real chance - and removal of that law will do it - government will obey Stonewall and try to destroy Christians. Lately, homosexual activists have been playing a game of pretence. They are now trying to appear sensible, reasonable, and 'nice'.

In this way anyone who objects to them will automatically seem to be insensible, unreasonable, and not nice! But, beware, for this is the exact strategy devised by the gay rights manual, 'After the Ball', which is being played-out in detail!

So, what we are seeing is manoeuvring by activists to silence Christians by public ridicule and hate. By retiring from the scene they open us wide for charges of intemperance and unwarranted opposition. Meanwhile 'gays' are on TV and radio, being 'ever so nice', funny and entertaining. It is all part of the 'gay' game and strategy. Without the Human Rights law Christians will have no upper court to take their appeals to, for all we will have are the already fascist-Marxist socialist judges put there by immoral politicians, who are themselves homosexualized and hateful towards anything Christian. What appears to be about foreign students, then, is really about denial of freedom to Christians.

Think of her what you will, but the greatest prime minister we have had since the last war was Maggie Thatcher. Until we get another one who can be strong without hanging on to the coat-tails of homosexuals, everything will get worse.

Have Faith in Young people?

The best I can muster to say about archbishop Rowan is that he is irrelevant to society and to Christianity. He has spoken out about youth, saying that we must not look at what they did in the recent riots, but should have faith in them. Yet, on the next page of the same newspaper (Express, Monday 2nd Jan) we read that New Year revelry brought about four deaths, violence and many injuries, mostly caused by the same youth Rowan wants us to have faith in. I do not understand the attraction of New Year celebrations!

I have no more faith in youth than I do in the government! And for very good reasons. As society becomes more godless it becomes more violent. Trained by homosexualizers to be that way, youth are inglorious and without hope. It is Christ I have faith in, not youth! When atheists such as 'gays' get rid of God, they also get rid of the very barrier we have against the worst of society's wickedness.

It is true that not all youngsters are of this kind... but it seems to me that those who are determine the moral temperature of the rest. Have faith in youth and you will be sorely disappointed. Their ears and eyes are filled to overflowing with filth, sex, drugs, foul language... and so that is how they act. Even the best of youth have these things buzzing around inside their heads, which affects their thoughts.

Not all, but enough to make everything stink. Which is why Christian youth must set themselves apart.

A New Year

Sorry – but we won't have a New Year at all - not the one that Cameron says we will have. It will be more of the old year. It will become worse and worse as atheism in all its guises gains more ground, hoping to smother every objection.

The answer is for every Christian to repent and to live righteously. The prayers of a righteous man can tear down mountains. But, modern Christians are effete and soft; they think that hiding away will do the trick... but they forget that the enemy has a network of spies who are only too willing to 'tell' on those who buck the 'gay' trend! And many of these spies are within the churches. I have no doubt whatever that many who were once my brethren would hand me over to the authorities! I mean it.

Do not think the churches are your last haven of help... for they are not. They contain a people possessed by a wrong spirit, one that would rather offend God than offend PC regulations set up by their enemy.

The New Year will see a growth in the number of pro-gay, pro-atheist 'Christians'. As the saying goes – mark my words! These things will come about, friends, so beware. Look to God alone; repent; concentrate on being holy and true. Truth without love is deficient, but love without truth is just dead.

This is the time, in early January, to regain the high ground. We do this not by petitions and placards (which have a place, but without God are meaningless), but simply by looking to the Lord for His help. He can bring down the entire government; He can obliterate the power of homosexuals; He can destroy the finances of Tesco; He can return archbishops to truth... only He can do it!

Read scripture. Study and meditate on the Lord and His ways. Forget everything else and be righteous. It is the only way.


© 3rd January 2012

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