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“A Summary of What They Want”

Everywhere, gays (male and female) are claiming their 'rights'. Below is an accurate portrayal of what these 'rights' are:

"As homosexuals we have the following inalienable rights:

  1. Not to be questioned on anything, no matter how stupid is our claim.

  2. To lie to governments and people, without being accountable.

  3. To intimidate and commit acts of violence without restraint.

  4. To willingly contract fatal diseases, without blame.

  5. To willingly pass-on fatal diseases to all of mankind, without blame.

  6. To misrepresent the facts, whether social, scientific or theological.

  7. To force governments to ignore actual facts and to be as stupid and unbalanced as we are

  8. To reject all and any rational examination of the falsity we care to shove down the throats of all and any people and official bodies

  9. To bring mayhem and havoc to the streets of all countries, by flouting their laws, and then shouting 'abuse' when their police are rough with us

  10. To demonise those countries if they resist, so that other deluded countries force them to give in and allow us, as immoral people, to flood their country with evil, leading to disease and massive financial costs to the economy

  11. To bring about media control so that no media ever produce anything contradictory to what we really do or want, and suppress facts

  12. To control business and university policies, so that those who know the truth cannot speak it and are demonised

  13. To control law so that those who know the truth are criminalized or lose their jobs if they dare to speak out.

  14. To scream, shout, and abuse and offend anyone we wish.

  15. To seek legal and police action if anyone does the same back.

  16. To do the same even if people do nothing at all

  17. To deny freedom of speech to all and any peoples, because we say so

  18. To introduce false data to universities, medical, psychological and scientific circles, so that these will be used against the population and in our favour

  19. To prevent opposing views from surfacing and ruining our carefully constructed lies, and to subvert genuine research

  20. To make immorality the new moral.

  21. To pretend unnatural acts and thoughts are natural and good.

  22. To seduce children so that we can have as much illegal sex as possible

  23. To teach children in schools that we have a right to sodomise and otherwise sexualise them, even though parents object and common sense and morality reject our values – in other words, to groom them into being our future victims.

  24. To be thoroughly objectionable and evil and not to face the consequences of our actions.

  25. To pretend to be happy when we are all miserable

  26. To pretend, against the facts, that our sexuality is fixed

  27. To twist all known facts so that they are unrecognizable

  28. To spread lies and deceit in such a way as to bring about a 'following of fools' (politicians, medics, scientists, police) who support our false cause, making them more stupid than we are.

  29. To crush all Christians in particular, and to erect a false gay 'Christianity' in its place, so that we may ease our consciences our own way.

  30. To do the same with any religion that opposes us.

  31. To build societies completely under our control, with official sanctions.

  32. And to have Gay Pride parades so we can do whatever we like without police action being taken for our indecency

These are our inalienable rights, because we say so and idiots support us. We uphold the freedom of fascists and the individuality of Marxists, and denounce everything we have not constructed on the failing foundation of the rotting flesh of homosexuality. Anyone who rejects this Charter will be attacked with ferocity and foul-mouthed abuse.

Furthermore, those officials and governments we have already brainwashed will NOT repeal pro-gay laws after being shocked by the truth of what we truly are, because we command them not to."

Gays and lesbians who are 'offended' should remember that all the points above are taken from their own statements. And any 'offense' is NOT to their consciences but to the smooth-running of their agenda. They hate objections and pretend in oh so many ways to be put out. They bluster and criticise (well, they try to), but it won't work with those who know the truth.

Some, in their stupidity, try to say that all this constitutes 'hatred'. If you publish anything against anyone, even with good cause, it is 'hatred'. Such is the limit of their argument! The veins in their heads must be very close to bursting point, such is their viciousness and anger.

(Note: Each of these 12 articles (A-800 to A-812) were first published in 2006 on a news-article website, now closed down. They were then republished by Yahoo and rediscovered by us by accident.
At the time they were the top-ranked articles on the site, but homosexual activists hacked into the system to reduce their popularity - such is their free speech and tolerance! It is this fascism that proves the weakness and intellectual paucity of their arguments.

© October 2006

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© October 2006