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Here is an extract from a letter written by a penitent child molester who has been in prison for the past 10 years (USA) referring to the "danger inherent in promoting homosexuality (the pro-homosexual agenda) to impressionable children" in schools. He wrote:

"When the public school system pushes a pro-homosexual agenda on to young children and says it's okay for two men or two women to fall in love and live just like a married man and woman, they're unwittingly helping the pederast with the grooming process. They're not making children any safer. They're putting at least the boys at a greater risk. Why? Because school teachers—the most influential people in most children's lives—are telling them that being "gay" isn't anything bad. A pederast who lives in an area where a pro-homosexuality agenda is promoted in the public school systems will know this is being taught and will not hesitate in the least to use this to groom and manipulate the boy he wants to molest into a sexual encounter. It's a foundation (the pro-homosexual agenda) the pederast can and will build upon (emp. added). (Apologetics Press, 2011)

The UK government, local authorities and head teachers are setting up your children in schools to be molested by peadophiles and homosexuals. Equality, diversity, discrimination and all the other evil nonsense is all a carefully crafted smoke screen to condition children to be open and amenable to being molested and encouraged to be 'fresh meat' for homosexuals to infect with their death cult.

© 2 December 2011

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