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Take It To Its Logical Conclusion!

Last night I watched a TV documentary (Channel 4, 19 March 2015) 'Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True' . It was written and presented by Trevor Phillips, who was once the Labour Party's Race Equality guru.

He amazed me by admitting that he had got it wrong! You don't expect frankness from a political figure unless they've been caught red-handed!!

He tackled things that are usually brushed under the carpet or abused by law, and his answers were 99% accurate. But, when he was interviewing his old boss, arch-enemy of Christ, Tony Blair, he agreed that they (Labour and himself) gave such liberality to pro-gay laws.

Now, he said several times that the reason so many people did not speak against a variety of race issues, was because they perceived they would be arrested, and because the media refused to allow them to speak the truth. For example, that the perpetrators of the Midlands under-age grooming and rape gangs were mainly Asian.

A number of other important truths were mentioned, but the thing that interested me was his repeated belief that people must be allowed freedom of conscience and speech, when it comes to race. However, he admitted that the idea of Labour – to keep upholding an adverse view even when it is wrong, is okay, because after a while those forced to accept it by law, and through continuous advertising and marketing of the idea, will 'change their minds'.

Phillips says that on reflection this was very wrong, because a government cannot change hearts and minds! If anything, forcing people to accept a law or idea only drives genuine thinking underground. And this is why multiculturalism has failed dramatically.

Of course, he was referring to race issues and he was right.


But, why does he not apply the same thinking to homosexuality?

The government today continues the same horrific path as Blair, by forcing laws and a pathetic ethos on the people, while rejecting the mind and hearts of voters, who definitely do NOT want homosexuality as a way of life!

If Phillips can see his own errors in Labour's race policies – why can't the present government see what is truly happening to voters? It thinks it can change minds just by use of draconian, counter-intuitive, immoral laws, and arresting people who refuse being forced to accept what is anathema to them. These same laws only strengthen the resolve of genuine thinkers, and weaken the government case.

Phillips made the valid point – you CANNOT change hearts and minds by enforcing unreasonable laws that have never been required or wanted by the people!

And, as he said, the road becomes wrong when there is no freedom to speak out or to openly reject what is demanded. Government has actively, in fascist fashion, made it illegal to speak out against homosexuality or its laws. While the extremely small number of homosexuals are delighted and love to sue Christians, and government is so pleased to be awarded a Stonewall bottle-top badge, it is meanwhile driving voters away from their ideas and policies. And making many Christians' lives a misery as well, for no good reason.

Well, I will not be persuaded by fake laws and policies. I demand the right to speak as I wish to, and also demand that government allows open argument about the evil of homosexuality itself. Let it stand or fall by its supposed merits and arguments (if they can manage not to lie all the time, as they always do).

I commend Phillip's programme last night... but now I want him, or others in high office, to let the same truth dawn on government. WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO OPPOSE AND REJECT HOMOSEXUALITY AND ITS LAWS. It is our God-given right from God and truth is found in scripture. I don't care two hoots if government accepts God or not – He is still THEIR LORD whether they like it, or accept it, or not. They have NO RIGHT to deny my conscience or my freedom to speak.

They must take a leaf out of Phillips' book and declare error, and then to remove the error quickly before all of society suffers. I repeat, there is nothing good in homosexuality.