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Once again we have had extensive, destructive riots in the UK, this time in Tottenham, London. (Spreading to other parts of the UK). Superficially, a man was shot dead in a taxi for no apparent reason, so the family marched on the local police-station to demand answers. Because the police chief at the station did not come out straight away, riots ensued. Of course, according to the media, the police were fully at fault. But, let’s look at it with a more critical eye…

From the information put out, the man who was shot kept a gun in his sock, under his trousers. He can be seen on his Facebook page, making gun gestures. It seems he was a kind of local ‘godfather’ who could start or finish any activity in the area just by his word. So, innocent he was not.

As for the rioting – that was just ordinary everyday violence for no reason, by people who wanted to loot and burn. It was an excuse to run wild and steal whatever came to hand. Even mothers took their children with them to loot new shoes! This is the result of the police allowing criminals freedom to act and refusing to apply legal pressure in the area. There have been a lot of stop-and-search by police – and that was done for a reason. Even if police were not doing their job properly, it is no excuse to ravage your own streets and burn down buildings, or to shoot at police.

It is possible that anarchists were involved but the main reason for the shocking activities is simply sin… sinful men and women going to the extreme people go to when sin is not kept in check. If you read several newspapers you will find less than savoury reasons behind the violence. And if you are a society-watcher, you will know this is just a periodic episode that will get worse with time, especially if Muslim pressure is continually applied by government.

The police must start to act on behalf of right and law, and not give-in to factions, whether coloured, Muslim or other. And they must act fast and hard, so that further riots will not even be considered.

(A graphic and horrific account of an attack by rioters on a Michelin Two Star restaurant The Ledbury can read here)

© 9 August 2011

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