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The Christian Institute have set up a short on-line form for responding to the Scottish Governments Consultation on redefining marriage. Click here to object to the redefinition of marriage, but act quickly as the consultation ends on Friday 9 December 2011.

Here is the bulletin from The Christian Institute:

"Despite what we were led to think, it now appears that ANYONE in the UK and beyond can respond the Scottish Government's consultation on redefining marriage.

Please use our easy, simple, online form to say 'no' to redefining marriage. The consultation closes on Friday 9 December 2011.

Yesterday, the pro-gay marriage groups let it slip that they are asking people outside Scotland to respond, suggesting that the Scottish Government will accept non-Scottish responses.

It looks like they're changing the goalposts at the last minute (the consultation closes on Friday). Don't let them get away with it, complete your response today.

The other side claim to have gathered over 15,000 responses in favour of changing the definition of marriage. We think a large number of these will be from outside Scotland.

If marriage is redefined in Scotland, then pressure will be greater for redefining marriage throughout the UK.

EVERY RESPONSE COUNTS - so please take a few minutes to complete our easy, simple, online form to say 'no' to redefining marriage.

And please GET OTHERS TO DO LIKEWISE. Ask your friends and family, wherever they live in the UK or beyond, to complete a response.

And please pray that the legal definition of marriage will be retained throughout the UK."

© 6 December 2011

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