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Most animal rights campaigners are evil people. Look at how one PC busybody complaint has ruined this family's life. What has been done to them is unimaginable. How on earth did we afford the state such power? (Telegraph, 20 November 2010)

No doubt this will be the next way Christians are persecuted. I can already imagine the scenario: Kids are taught Biblical truth by Christian parents, and this would, in the state's eyes, amount to 'child-abuse', allowing them to snatch the children away.

Thanks to one or our co-workers, whose warning that this might be another way to control Christians, is a very high possibility!

Everyone ought to object strongly to this awful socialist-style takeover of freedoms.

In my former work I had many contacts with social services and must personally say that I find social workers next to useless, very socialistic in attitude, and often very nasty people with the oddest beliefs I have ever come across. They have far too much power, when they ought to have none. I have seen lives ruined by their evil interventions, whereas they do not help those who really need it.

This kind of wickedness will continue to increase unless we all put a stop to it. We should also press for social workers to have very reduced powers, leaving legal sanctions to the police, who must weigh actual evidence and not hearsay, social work nonsense, and social work Marxism.


The following notes are based on real incidents.

My Christian sister-in-law used to be a foster carer and cared for almost fifty children very happily and with praise from social services because of her loving care... until a few weeks ago.

Then after five years looking after a girl from a bad home (drugs, criminal behaviour, neglect, etc), the girl suddenly began to misbehave when she turned 13. After a while it was found that she was returning to her mother, a drug-addict. From there she entered into a frenzy of hatred, violence and theft, prompted by her mother and family. This was all reported to social services.

My sister in law had just had major reconstructive surgery after breast cancer and the girl deliberately kicked at her wound. She would hit out, steal from her foster mother, who had to put a padlock on her bedroom door, stayed out all night, got drunk and probably took drugs, and using foul language constantly at her foster mother.

The social workers knew all about it but did nothing to help. In fact they told my sister in law they had "washed their hands" of the girl!!

Then the girl began systematically wrecking the lovely home she had and started to play truant, taking drugs etc, and coming into contact with police on several occasions.

 The last time she did this was when my sister in law heard that her own youngest daughter had just died in her home town of Harlow (two weeks ago). My sister in law just could not cope any longer and she told the police not to bring the girl back this time, after again running away from school. She told social services, too.

When the police finally caught up with the girl she promptly accused my sister in law of trying to strangle her against a wall!! Though it was proved that she was merely repeating what she had seen happening to her natural mother five years previously (the issue that sent her into care and which was documented word for word), and the police saw that there was no case to answer, social workers came in like storm troopers, and fascist-like began proceedings against my sister in law, believing every word the girl said!! Social services have an inordinate protection racket when it comes to kids, no matter how foul they turn out to be, or what they say.

Again, they found no case to answer - but they insisted on placing the whole thing against my sister in law in her official council record, thus destroying all those years of fostering needy children. And all this happened between her own daughter dying suddenly and the funeral! So much for the caring social work department!

This is my image of social workers. It is how I have seen them operate, even when kids lie their heads off in revenge. Since then the girl has continued to go to my sister in law's house, demanding money and food, kicking the door in, etc., demanding to return, using foul language and violence, with menaces. But social services refuse to act.

As a result my sister in law has had to change her locks, and will change all her telephone numbers. She may also move back to Harlow to escape the horrific circumstances. They have completely destroyed my sister in law,. with the full blessing of law!.

This, my friends, is the reality behind social work. They might do some good in some quarters, but they also act like fascists with others, regardless of proof. I have witnessed this kind of evil many times in the past.

It ought to be advised that social work is founded mainly on Marxism, which is another form of socialism. And this communistic attitude is found throughout the service, which makes me wonder just how Christian social workers can possibly work for the service.

SOCIAL WORKER EXAMPLE 2 ( Full details are found in a much earlier BTM article)

My sister, a Christian, lived next door to a single mother. The single mother’s young daughter, a beautiful little girl, used to attend our Sunday School. For reasons already given in our original article my sister felt compelled to contact social workers, saying that the mother was neglecting and abusing her daughter.

My sister was forced to complain, after her youngest son was locked away in a room by the mother, and specifically warned that she was afraid the mother would one day kill the daughter, following a knife incident.

Social workers however went along with the mother ignoring the abuse and my sister's detailed notes.

Eventually the mother did murder her daughter, which utterly devastated my sister! Social workers? I do not trust them nor do I place trust in what they do. They are an arm of socialism, with all its attendant godlessness.  (Reported in local and national newspapers)

© 22 November 2010

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