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Forgive and Forget? “It All Depends”

Do we claim to ‘forgive and forget’? If we do, it has to be a false claim, because human beings are not created to be that way. And what is meant by ‘forget’? God says He forgets a sin when a person r...

Are you Serious? Not taking COVID-19 Seriously?

As a church we have been accused of “not taking COVID-19 seriously”.


I would suggest that few, if any, local churches have taken it more seriously!

As a group we have spent MANY hours, possibly to...

The COVID19 thing really is a big universal game.

Have you seen the TV ads for computer games that allow you to invent your own home, village or city, maybe starting with stone age people? Well, that is what the Covid thing really is – a big uni...

The Beacon 279 July 2021

The Beacon 279 July 2021

The ‘Unforgivable Sin’

Many have been driven to distraction by unfounded ideas on what is the ‘unforgiveable sin’. Like those people who buy a medical dictionary and find they are supposedly suffering ...

'Very Frustrated' Fauci nags the nation | GOPUSA

Yes – I am like a broken record!!

BUT I MUST repeat warnings for the sake of your very lives.

The following are comments on this news item.

I don’t think I am stupid – so please tell me!!

Germany is thinking about restricting what unvaccinated people can do, so as to stop the spread.

No doubt other governments are thinking the same thing, as the UK are planning for September 2021.

Let’s ...


As Christians we are duty-bound to accept all doctrinal statements in scripture. We may not add or remove parts we don’t like! Yet, this is what so many Believers in the world do every day – they lite...

Two Types of Levitical Law

In Leviticus we see two types of law. The first is designed for the Hebrews only, and even these are sub-divided. These laws are what I call ‘contextual’ (because they only apply to a particular peopl...

COVID19-Status Certification Review - Call for evidence

Date: 28 March 2021


Question 1

Which of the following best describes the capacity in which you are responding to this call for evidence?

I am a:

k) Other (please specify):   Christian Doctrine...

Job 3

As you read this chapter (and others) keep in mind that Job lived at a time and ...

Psalm 109

When preparing a Sunday study, I use current examples that show the link between...


“Earnestly Contend for the Faith”

In Jude we have an example of urgency in the Ch...

Luke 15

Jesus often spoke sharply to the Pharisees and scribes, because there are times ...

Battles and Trials in Life

What's the answer?

Not Things, or Money, or our sinful minds, not you.
God is the ...

The Forerunner of Mercy

The Forerunner of Mercy

The Forerunner of Mercy

Prayer is the prelude of mercy
The preface to blessing fro...

The Beacon 279 July 2021

The Beacon 279 July 2021

The ‘Unforgivable Sin’

Many have been driven to distraction by unfounded ideas on...

BTM News:- January 2009

Heard on the Terry Wogan Show (BBC Radio 2):

A listener called in during the heav...