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BREXIT Arrogance

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On the news today (BBC, 23 October 2016) – more grumbling and claimed confusion over Brexit!

This shows us one of two things – either government and corporations could not be bothered to sort out Brexit plans and strategies before we voted to come out, or, government and corporations are just trying to spook the people into staying with tales of woe!

One of the main groups is the banking sector... even though banks admit that the ‘fall-out’ of the vote was far better than expected, and they said they had plans in place if Brexit was sure!

It is a shame on politicians and corporations that they say they have no clear strategies to follow!

Brexit was a known possibility for at least five years! How much time do these people need to get their acts together!!! It is a farce, and a debacle unworthy of leaders. They should have had plans in place ready for the vote... not start to think about it after the referendum!!