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Thump the EU Bullies on the Nose!

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I have just reviewed all the information coming from the EU concerning Brexit.

It is very clear that the EU (and its supporters) is acting like a schoolyard bully, threatening all kinds of retribution. Instead of accepting that a country wishes to cancel its contract, it uses force and threats. And of course Scotland is again talking about a second referendum.

All of this should be nothing to a strong leader! When a victim is bullied the best way out for the victim is to simply thump the bully on his nose! It is just getting rid of an enemy, as in any war.

Don’t like such language? Then stay a victim... I have never been good at that!

I find submission to bullies rather repugnant! Yes, some can be afraid of confrontation – but it is better than submitting to lies and force, which never has a happy ending anyway.