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Satanic Rulers:- Obama, Blair, EU and UN

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Unfortunately, the silly antics of charismatics, and those who see demons around every corner, makes it difficult for serious Christians to mention Satan or demons. As I have said in other works, Satan usually relies on our own sinfulness to produce sinful actions – he does not need to interfere much because we do it so well, without his help! In my time as a Christian I have come across a number of demonic activities in people obviously taken-over by demons. Most were easy to spot, because they displayed obvious signs and symptoms of demon possession, oppression or influence (there are differences). Though everyone now talks in political and sociological terms, Christians must never forget spiritual realities, which are far more important than what are superficial political signs and symptoms, the outcomes of spiritual battles.

What we have today is not usual, but extraordinary, because we are heading for the end-times. Satan knows it and is doubling his efforts to ruin and destroy lives. Much of Satan’s work today is not done by past methods of Inquisition or Muslim marauding, but by men in suits, leaders elected by people blinded to their evils, to manipulate nations into adopting devilish anti-God policies. Sharia Islamic countries continue much as they have done throughout the centuries, harming or killing those who are Christian, whilst Muslims in non-Islamic countries bide their time.

This article will not cover specific political policies, though some will be referred to in passing. Rather, it looks at my claim that Obama in particular is ruled not by political ambitions – though these exist strongly – but by Satan. The same applies to both the UN and the EU and, in a slightly lesser way, to Tony Blair, and to others who are fuelled by socialist desires of many hues.

I have noted the information given in a little-known book by Paul Roland: ‘The Nazis and the Occult’, published by Arcturus. I do not accept the author’s definition of what ‘magic’ is, but I incorporate what he says as a background to my own article. I have already referred to the environmentalist movement, led by Al Gore and others, in my book ‘The Global Green Agenda’, which proves the pagan and occult basis for green activities. Here I will show that what we are seeing is a Satanic movement of people, through politics and other societal influences, that are just as forceful as the Nazi party was in Germany, Poland and other unfortunate countries. Of necessity this article is brief.

Though Roland has failed to properly define the source of black magic (thinking it is only human power, albeit exceptional), his descriptions of magic can easily be applied to Obama et al. Roland says that many books have been written to highlight Hitler’s occultism, but without much by way of references. He goes on to give us evidence that Hitler used magic. I hope to show that Obama and others have done something similar. If it sounds, looks and acts like a duck, then that is what it is!

Aims of the Occult

One does not need to be outwardly occult to do Satan’s bidding. Everyone who is unsaved automatically does what Satan wants. But, the more powerful a position a man or woman holds, the greater Satan can use that person, and the worse are their actions. The devil does not usually appear with horns, tail and cloven-hooves! This is just a depiction from human imagination. He does not usually come looking evil. Rather, he adopts a reasonable pose, uses ordinary language and dresses in pin- striped suits. But, the aims are the same, as are the means of coercion, dictatorship and enforcement. Once you see enforcement of one man’s ideas – suspect Satan.

The aims are to remove Christians and whatever speaks of God. This is why Islam wants to kill Christians. It is why Obama wants to remove all Christian terms from public places and why he promotes Islam and not scripture. It is why Blair pushed so hard to give heinous freedoms to homosexuals. It is why the UN is blatantly and only Marxist. It is why the EU is blatantly Fascist (the other side of the socialist coin), giving immense rights to everyone but Christians.

As we head fast for the end times we can expect more and more intervention by Satan. What Roland thinks is only psychological manipulation, I call ‘Satanic’. It is up to you to accept one or the other (though, in my mind, both apply, because psychological trickery is a means used by Satan).

The Direct Route

Most people think that the ‘demons’ they see on TV or in horror films (if they are foolish enough to watch them) represent real demonic activity. Even those really stupid ones where supposed vampires (demons) use karate to defeat their human opponents! Those who watch them are wrong. In my ministry, and in my work in a psychiatric hospital, and outside it, the demonic was/is often (but not always) apparent, but are nothing like the scenes from a horror movie. This is because Satan does not want mass recognition of his evil… though he can slip up at times.

Demons tend to work through and in human beings, though, as we know from scripture, they can also work in and through animals. They can also work in and through objects. So, things, animals, and people ‘infected’ by demons, in the main, look like anyone or anything else. At least they do when not agitated by the indwelling demon/s.

I have indeed witnessed demon-possessed people looking demonic, with wild eyes, gross movements, unnatural strength, using non-human voices, and so on, but these are rare. Mostly, the demons wish to remain ‘anonymous’, so will be quiet when in public… unless their desire is to destroy the person quickly. Thus, they will erupt on occasions. (However, the huge growth in cold violence in youngsters is one sign). Meantime, they will force the person to do their bidding, and take over their thoughts. They can do this because Satan is already their ‘father’ and definitely their master. They are unsaved and therefore not protected by the Holy Spirit (which is why Christians cannot ever be possessed, though they can be influenced).

So, in other words, those who are possessed will not necessarily show it in their appearance, in their words, or in any other way. Any indication will tend to be in ‘blips’. The examples in the New Testament are obvious, but Satan uses the attitudes of the day to tailor his acts. This is why today he openly flaunts sexual impropriety. He can do so because he has already influenced the masses, through a few wicked men, with sexually-charged materials and actions. This is why we now have homosexual laws that protect what was always known to be evil… and how else can you explain why so many people promote the homosexual death-cult? It would not have been possible until Satan had prepared the ground for greater evils.

In the midst of this quantum leap into public sin are the Christians, made weak by centuries of denominationalism, reformationism, and growing apostasy. Added to that is the increasing sinfulness of those who claim to be saved, as they accept what God calls sin, or they treat it lightly, instead of being horrified. In this way Satan has had no opposition… Christians preferring to be quiet and hidden rather than to be aggressively open in their faith.

This massive shift in opinion and attitude, where Christians in general have remained silent in order to be ‘accepted’ by the world, has led to a worldwide revulsion for anything good and peaceful, moral and godly. And so we now have global terrorism, rapid spread of false religions, violence, all manner of sexual perversions with their accompanying fatal or serious diseases, and hatred for God’s word.

Politics as a Cover

During the early part of the 20th century we had a world war. Before that, at the end of the previous century, we had other wars, and also the birth of several radical theories. At the time they were discounted because they were so radical and ‘off the wall’. But, they were allowed free passage and one aspect of these movements concentrated in the mind of Karl Marx, to come into awful being through the Russian revolution. Claiming to free the people from the rule of kings, the elite who brought in the revolution ruled by a different iron fist instead! Communism took over from kings, and the people were even worse off, as the elite took everything for themselves and killed anyone in their path.

Many millions were murdered by Stalin’s rule, or locked away in frozen wastes, or beaten into submission. The West stood by and let it happen, and even rewarded Stalin for his part in the Second World War, by not intervening when he blatantly stole whole nations for himself. The trouble with appeasement is that it never works, and so we were lumbered with radical communistic threats for another four decades. The falling of the Berlin wall did not bring about the fall of communism – it just went into quieter mode… except in countries like China where it still flourishes. Do not be fooled into thinking all this was just the evil of men – those men were prompted to use their evil by Satan.

Communism was not the only evil – along came Fascism in the form of Nazism and Hitler. Fascism is not the opposite of communism; it is simply another form of socialism. Any differences are irrelevant. And Nazism, like Marxism, also murdered those who resisted its evils.

There was relative quiet from politics after the Second World War, but this was when Satan was reforming his ideas. He was acting in disguise, through educationalists, politicians, atheists, and so on, as well as through ecumenism and Christians in name only. And so western society began to unravel in the mid 1960s.

The so-called youth revolution was none other than sin running rampant, after wicked men lifted the lid off a boiling pot initiated by Charles Darwin and his absurd theory of evolution. His theory was not valid, and did not in itself rate any kind of applause… but it was used by people who wanted any excuse to lampoon Christian beliefs and God. From this rotting theory came the roots of societal change, including psychiatry and politics aloof from God’s laws. Today, those laws have been eradicated, and this is why society has fallen, and is churning in its own mess.

The youth revolution, created for the benefit of adults with financial interests (clothes, hair styles, music, etc), and with sexual interests (the promiscuous and the perverse), ran hand-in-hand with what was effectively anarchism, as a few attempted to persuade others that no laws and no restraints was somehow ‘good’. And they succeeded. Even intellectuals were fooled and the evidence of their stupidity and intellectual poverty is all around us, illogical, irresponsible, and without merit.

Today’s Wickedness

In the UK the lies of Prime Minister Edward Heath began the political rot, but this rot was only a manifestation of Satan’s plan. Before that the UK was a sovereign state with at least a modicum of belief in God. It limped along until Gordon Brown, a Prime Minister with frank communist/Marxist aims finalised the end of Britain, by handing it over to the Fascist European Union. You might wonder why a Marxist should do so… just bear in mind that Marxism and Fascism are twin brothers! They just have a slightly different twist in their tails.

Tony Blair, though, was responsible for forcing his cabinet to adopt pro-homosexuality as their flagship. It was he who, single-handedly, drove the nation to collapse with his blunt totalitarian dictatorship. He saw the end was nigh for his Marxist plans and so jumped ship just before the collapse, handing over power to Gordon Brown, who, of course, lost public acceptance of all things Marxist.

However, disaffected voters (many of whom were Christians) made sure that the incoming government did not have a clear majority. So, what Britain now has is a government of bits and pieces, with a tenuous grip on power. Unfortunately, it is also Fascist in concept, though many policies appear to be sound. The desire to impose wicked sexual perversion on the nation is being brought about by a prime minister who may himself have been, or still is, homosexual. We asked him outright but he refused to answer. And when someone refuses to answer a direct question, it is usually a sign that a suspicion is correct. We know he wants to push the homosexual agenda to its limit (though homosexuals themselves want no limits).

It is thought by some that we ‘harp on’ about homosexuality. This is because they think, wrongly, that this sin is only about sexual impropriety. No – it is far more than that. Homosexuality has the ability to bring down nations! How? Read Romans chapter one to find out! Homosexuality is not a beginning but an end result of wickedness. It is the head of an evil and violent movement that hates God and His people. It wants total freedom to act sinfully in all areas. And this is why it must be thwarted at all costs.

When a prime minister, or president, or pseudo-government such as the EU and UN (which are Fascist and Marxist respectively), pushes their people into pro-homosexuality, they are actually pushing them towards their own doom and the fall of their nations. The reason why Obama and Blair and others place homosexuals into important jobs is the same reason Hitler had – they make excellent thugs who, because they are devoid of all conscience and morality, will do whatever it takes to put commands into effect. (See unpublished book: ‘Exploding the Gay Myth’; available from BTM; it explains the way Hitler used homosexuals to form his black shirts and concentration camp guards).

It is noteworthy that alongside this push for homosexuality comes the push to not just disregard, but to violently oppose, those who believe in God. This is why Islam is also part of the greater problem, as it drives a wedge between peoples everywhere, bringing in the notion of ‘another god’.

In Europe as a whole, Fascism has gripped every nation that foolishly joins its ranks. Now, instead of individual sovereign states we have one monolithic state of evil that obliterates all semblance of godliness, a resurgence of the Nazi ethos. It is no coincidence that at this very time the pope has visited Britain! He is head of what some have called “Satan’s greatest masterpiece”. He joins all evil-doers whilst publicly shouting against them! But, he protects paedophiles in his own ranks, paedophiles who are also homosexual. Rome is probably the biggest homosexual paedophile ring in the world. The pope also attempts to join Rome to Islam, and its priests happily enjoin Marxism in Mexico and other countries.

In the rest of the world, the United Nations and its numerous offspring also attempt to take over rule of nations. It was started by a rampant Marxist and every head since has been Marxist. Yet, nations that fought both Marxism and Fascism readily give their allegiance to both the UN and the EU! Only Satan can so blind rulers in this way, so that they accept what was previously anathema.

Tony Blair was totalitarian. So was Gordon Brown. They rode rough-shod over Christianity and morality, and did so with great glee. In the USA, the rot began many years ago when Democrats started to hold power. Now, these Democrats have a Democrat as leader, Barack Obama. It has been known for many years that the democratic mind was Marxist. Obama is a rampant Marxist, but mingles his totalitarianism with Fascism. He hates his own country (or, rather, the country where he rules – his country is Kenya), and hates Christian witness. He loves Islam and loathes freedom of speech and action. His financial dealings are bringing America to collapse. He is the best envoy of Satan for several decades, even accepting the plaudit of ‘Messiah’ from the people (many of whom now regret their praise).

The Reality?

We are experiencing a vast movement of people’s minds and hearts, in which violence, perversion, stupidity and illogic rule. But, this is not a random movement, nor are the sub-movements within it random. Satan is hitting the world with all he has got, because he knows his time is short. He is taking advantage of the spiritual poverty of Christ’s own. What we see as political is not political at source, but spiritual. Obama, no less than Hitler or Stalin, is a pawn of Satan, a child of evil who is ready to take the world to the brink of insanity. Blair did so in his own way; behind his smile was the near-bankruptcy not just of Britain, but of his own soul. The EU is a manifestation of Nazi evil, but with a different approach. The UN is just Stalin all over again, with a smiling face. The world is coming to its end, and Satan is in control of many world leaders and religious frauds.

Do not look only at the superficial signs of political unrest and Marxism-Fascism. These are dupes. The reality is that Satan is behind each one of them. He has far more troops than all countries combined! He has infinitely more experience of rule than all leaders put together. His knowledge of all religions surpasses anything known to theologians. He is the prince of this world! And, for a season, he will be allowed his rule by God, Who will finally remove Satan’s grip. But, meanwhile we must endure and seek God’s face for what dangers are to come.

The blindness of people in general can be seen in their open acceptance of the wickedness of rulers and their policies. Even a few decades ago this would not have been possible. But, Satan is patient and has been manipulating people for millennia towards this one end. A godly barrier – call it a taboo – has operated for a long time. It is a fact that though a taboo may be extremely strong for a long time, efforts to undermine it go on for a long time, too. There comes a time when those who should be the protectors of a taboo lose interest or faith, and the ‘ceiling’ previously covering the sinful intent blows apart and the taboo is breached. Once it has been crossed, a taboo is ignored and greater evils ensue.

The evils we now see in society have been brewing for a long time – at least 50 years. Now, not stopped by strong believers, they are increasing rapidly. Satan, recognising his opportunity, has duped the people sufficiently to give them rulers of foul reasoning. That is the only reason we had Blair, now have Obama and Cameron, and the EU and UN are taking over the world. Islam is thriving on the flood come upon us by the opening of the flood-gate by evil men and movements.

As Roland says in his book, the Nazis invited “comparison with America’s gangsters”. Is it not interesting that Obama has definitely-known connections with Chicago gangsters? Yet, voters elected him to office! This is lunacy, because Satan is also a master of lunacy.

There is not only this illogical and lunatic affection for wicked rulers. We also have a deep, unhealthy public interest (thanks to Hollywood and publishers, themselves godless) in all things perversely sexual and occult. When the film, ‘The Exorcist’ first came out, I remember the spate of suicides that followed. I also remember the young man brought in to the psychiatric hospital I worked in, who, after watching the film in a cinema, went berserk and literally insane. With his immense unnatural strength he almost killed a male nurse in the most brutal fashion, and never regained his sanity. I could repeat similar stories of people badly affected by watching these films. This interest in the occult greatly ruins society, and allows its members to accept all kinds of evil.

On page 9 of his book, Roland says:

“The intention of this book is to explain how an ill-educated, psychologically unbalanced nonentity succeeded in mesmerizing an entire nation, why the German people venerated their Führer as a god and how he exercised power over them to the extent that they were willing to follow him to the abyss of self-destruction.”

The same arguments have been put forward by many commentators, concerning Obama and Blair! How on earth can a whole nation possibly want to be ruined by one man? How can they not recognise their inherent wickedness, and the coming destruction of the nation? There can be only one reason. Roland puts it down to ‘occultism’, but defines the occult merely as extraordinary manipulation of minds by a single person. The real question should be: “What gave these wicked men this ability in the first place?” The only answer is – Satan; for if we attempt to insert the idea of ‘psychological power’ we will end up with ‘insanity’.

In both Hitler and Stalin we can see demonic insanity running through their minds, leading to inhuman and horrific acts against millions. The trouble is, by looking too far back, observers are not applying the same reasoning to people like Obama and Blair, or to homosexual activists, or to huge conglomerates such as the EU and UN. This, though is typical: the observers of Hitler and Stalin did not recognise their evils, either. It took the passage of a few decades before ‘evil’ was given as their epithet.

Even so, there is no excuse for not calling Obama et al ‘wicked’ and ‘Satanic’, when, even before they came to power, their evil intent was known. But, no-one wanted to listen to the few who shouted loudly against these people and bodies. Instead, they were transfixed and mesmerized by oratory, promising ‘change’. Voters and supporters did not bother to ask what this ‘change’ meant… ignorant of the fact that change can be for either good or bad.

The people are fast losing their acceptance of Obama, and have already lost it in Blair. But, because these people still have great power, they continue to badly influence the masses. The only option we have is to remove them from office, though they have already been used satanically to bring ruin upon the people. But, who has the sanity to do it? Not the ones who have the authority to do so!

The longer a cancer is in a body the greater the chance that the cancer will kill. That is why the state of nations is now near-death because of the power of homosexuality, Marxism, Fascism, Islam and Rome. It is all Satanic. No-one in their right minds would elect to have these people or bodies in control of their lives. The only ones who want it are those few who will benefit, usually with money or power. This was very evident at the time of the Nazis and the Stalinists. These, too, were, and are, acting under the devil’s command.

So are seemingly innocuous religious leaders who bring in heresy and unbelief, or who join with unbelievers. All do Satan’s bidding. It is one reason why we fight against Arminianism. So many Christians believe Arminianism to be just another aspect of genuine Christian truth. But, it is not! It is Roman deception and a false Gospel! Arminianists do Satan’s bidding. Strong words for a strong reason.

See what is happening from God’s perspective and you will not be fooled by politics, social movements and other earthly errors. You will see Satan working non-stop to destroy the world and its Christians. He is using people like Obama and Blair, and groups like the EU and UN, to impose his evil will upon all nations simultaneously. As scripture warns – we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against Satan’s rule. Until genuine believers understand that, they will keep on muddling around and getting things wrong.

It is simple: any person or group that wants to remove God or His Bible, or His people, or wish to silence them, are acting on behalf of Satan. We are told this in scripture. Today, we are seeing the joining of a multitude of wicked sins and movements, all of which hate us. That Satan is their source and leader is beyond dispute… unless those who dispute it are themselves wicked.

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