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The High Court has today ruled that because the UK NHS has a ‘preventive’ role it must pay to hand out the pre-HIV pill for free!!

Thus, anyone who deliberately sets out to be promiscuous, mainly homosexuals, can do so knowing they will get free support for doing what is immoral and hideously irresponsible. Homosexuals and many others already disregard use of condoms (though in the case of homosexuals they are hardly suitable because they have dubious effectiveness) and enter into dangerous sexual relations, though they can lead to early death and other serious health problems. WHY should the tax-payer pay for this kind of behaviour? The whole purpose of prevention is to STOP stupid behaviour!! In other words, homosexuals in particular MUST STOP their risky activities... or let then pay for their own stupidity.

The cost of this pill is £400 on a regular basis. This removes money that should go to people with actual illnesses that are not the result of their own foolishness. It should NOT go to homosexuals and others who think the public should pay for their evil lifestyles. So – let them pay for the pills!!