Persecution of Christians
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“Victory for Margaret Forrester, a Christian mental health worker who has been told today that she will be restored to work and even offered a better job, following her suspension for expressing her private views on abortion to colleagues.” (Christian Concern, 26 January 2011)  also see video.

My employer got rid of me because his lesbian General Manager hated Christian views! My work was exemplary, but she hated that I wrote of my views in our website!! And she hated that I informed nurses in a nursing journal that homosexuality is unnatural and unhealthy, in response to a health professor who said otherwise. Though I had thirty pages of the latest figures on AIDS etc., no-one wanted to know.

What I am getting at is that these incidents prove that no-one wants to know the truth. In nursing and health this is a crucial error – while we ignore the causes of AIDS and more, millions die!! I predicted this would happen way back in 1985. But, socialist propaganda replaces truth and facts. Hence this present case of the mental health worker being suspended only for expressing her views. The REAL problem here is the hardened oppression of people who hate God. And few understand that this is endemic in fascist societies. I keep using that word – fascist – because that is exactly what it is. Even Christian Concern does not admit to that openly!

© 27 January 2011

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