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I have just listened to an ongoing mid-day Radio Two programme about migrants. (BBC, 4 September 2015). There were lots of tears from one woman who likened the 'crisis' to the time years ago when the UK helped Ethiopians during a famine.


Now, no-one knows who is genuine and who is not. Most are illegals who are happy to get here illegally and live here illegally. Some will be ISIS and other 'plants' come here to wreak havoc and kill. Very few will be real refugees.

Until these differences are discussed we will get nowhere, and the UK will be opened up to even more abuse by illegals and those who only want our money.

Sorry to keep talking about this, but the EU is playing with fire – using all of us as fireshields!! The leaders who demand that we take in many more thousands WITHOUT CHECKING WHO THEY ARE, don't take 'refugees' into their own homes or have them living anywhere near their lavish mansion-style homes!!

But the rest of us must comply! And the UK MUST take in huge numbers of people, most of whom are Muslims.

My horror about this has nothing to do with race. It is to do with a rogue politico-religious people from ANY country, whose aim is to destroy the West. Remember that the majority of UK Muslims have said they agree with what ISIS is doing. And yet our MPs want us to comply with the EU demands to take even more!

This is NOT hatred. It is NOT unchristian. It is NOT unloving. It is stark reality, an attitude that wishes to retain our freedoms and our very lives.

Some say this is scaremongering... but how can it be when we have the proofs all around us of Islamic hatred for our country and our lives?


Every so-called 'refugee' MUST be double-checked. The very fact that they throw away their identification papers tells us a great deal. Are they genuine refugees?


No doubt some of you are sick to death about our mention of this topic.

In the same way many were sick to death of hearing about Hitler's death squads.

The result was a head-count of many millions of gassed and shot human beings... because no-one stood up to be counted. Tears can be a convenient way to circumvent proper investigation of people's motives and desires. God does not command us to help everyone, no matter who they are! Quite the reverse.

II Chronicles 19:2 b

Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.