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There are no bounds to individual greed!

A leading scientist said to the Times on Friday that Brexit will be a disaster for scientists. Pro-global warming scientists all have their eyes on their departmental funding. So they all
fight to retain global warming ‘theory’. Now the fight is to stay in the EU just to get said funding!!

It is about time they grew up!!

The major reason to leave the EU, as we have said many times before, is to get out of an increasingly fascist regime that is unaccountable and totalitarian.

For Christians to remain would be disastrous and far better than waiting for Eurocrats to come upon us with ferocious hatred fuelled by pro-Islam demands.

It has been shown that coming away without a deal would make the UK infinitely stronger and more powerful.

But, pro-global warmists and similar Europhiles ALL bleat that all kinds of evils will befall us for leaving... without a shred of real evidence. They guess everything because none of us can say what the future will hold – except that free of totalitarian controls the UK can at last make the most of its position in the world.

As for us, we can’t predict if the same can be said of growing hatred for Christians, but we must deal with one enemy at a time. Right now, and for many decades our enemy has been the EU.

Let’s get rid of that one before we face other enemies!!

Just stop making wild guesses and ask the Lord to take control!

Even if we come out worse as believers by leaving, so be it – it is far better than staying in what is a Nazi regime.