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It is my view that the West has deliberately raised the ire of Russia.

As for comments on Trump etc., to be frank, I haven’t looked at ANY comments from either Christians or others. I haven’t even
listened yet to TV and radio pundits... This is because they would all be personal opinions. Like those useless TV shows with opposing audience views. WHO CARES?

What matters is how Trump acts and how he now leads the USA.

Thus far there is nothing at all to comment on. It is not his rhetoric that matters, but what he will now do as president. That is, if
the wicked don’t try to assassinate him first.

I call on all Christians to stop their bickering about Trump... their views are not of much worth. Neither are mine. Let’s see how he
pans out, eh? Many of us prayed against Clinton. Now let us ALL pray that God will use Trump for the good.

Scripture does not deal in opinions, but in the sure things of the Lord, Who moves men into positions of power to bring about
HIS plans... and some of those men were/are not believers.