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Italy issued an ultimatum today. Either the rest of the EU takes in some of the boat-people (we are talking hundreds of thousands a year, with no end in sight) or it will give them all temporary papers that will enable them to travel anywhere within the EU!! (BBC, 16 June 2015)

Britain has taken in far too many immigrants for the past ten years. There is one place all those extra immigrants would go – the UK!! Because benefits are promised.

Suddenly, the UK will be forced BY EU REGULATIONS to take in many thousands more.

This is an intolerable situation and tells us that the time to leave the EU is very much overdue. And, we will never know how many of these Muslims are terrorists sent by ISIS.

The effect on us if this threat is carried out is overwhelming!

We CANNOT WAIT for a referendum. And what of Cameron's promises to Muslims...

To bring in Sharia law, give special concessions, and so on? 

Europe will just be an extension of Africa, and a depository for Middle Eastern poor.

This, friends, is Marxist 'redistribution of wealth'!!

If those people end up here, and throughout the EU, hard workers will be expected to give them benefits through taxes, and the overall effect will be a substantial lowering of living standards, plus a loss of vital services. This is communism – reduce all people to bare living... except for the leaders, who live in luxury. In this way the whole world (except for leaders) will live in poverty or close to it. And the workers will be treated with just the same disdain as those who do not work. This is because leaders don't care! So long as the 'masses' obey and get benefits, all will be okay. Thus stops freedom, any reason to want better, and especially Christian beliefs.

The threat from Italy will ensure that Europe – but UK first – will be overrun by Muslims and will become Islamic, VERY quickly.

The answer is incredibly simple – DO NOT give benefits or any help to ALL immigrants.

(Only immigrants who have actual jobs should be allowed in).

There would then be no reason for them to move countries. Sorry, but if their own lands are riddled with wars, let them sort it out.

This is a time for hard decisions and Cameron MUST listen!

Of course we know he will not, especially after his promises to British Muslims.

It doesn't matter to him – he is already a millionaire!!