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If it were not so deadly serious, the reactions to the recent Norway killings would be laughable!

No, don't jump up with indignation - I mean it.

All the political parties in Europe and the world are condemning the lone killer, Anders Behring Breivik.

It is right that he is condemned for his wickedness. But, bear in mind his provocation.

He sees the rapid Islamicisation of Europe and wanted to show his utter contempt for the governments who allow it, and even promote it. Though politicians fuelled this awful act, it was others who suffered.

The EU has forced all Euro-governments to let a massive flow of Muslims into their states, without check and without the common-sense answer to those who commit crimes - immediate deportation. Therefore, the UK, for example, contains many known terrorists, who despise us and openly call for hateful acts against us. And, on top of that, our own government persecutes us.

There are many more ways that governments obey EU policies that harm us all.

And it seems Breivik felt forced to 'do his own thing' in the absence of government protection for the Norwegian people.

Now, Muslims have a pseudo-reason to further condemn Norway and what they wrongly (and cleverly) call Islamophobia. Even the far right stands alongside Muslims in condemning the foul act; all because they have lost their edge and desperately want to be inside the government, where they make no impact at all.

So, on the one hand they will stand united to condemn the killer, whilst using it as a platform to demand fresh initiatives to stop the mad policies that led to the killings in the first place. Even people like Cameron provoke this kind of extreme reaction, by saying we must have a 'muscular' response to ridiculous EU demands on immigration, etc. But, as always, his calls are without teeth. He knows he is just sabre-rattling, pretending to do something while doing nothing at all. He is an obedient lackey, against the people.

Then along came another charge - that the killer was a 'fundamentalist Christian'. Suddenly, that makes all of us suspects! Many in the old IRA were 'Christians' in the loosest sense possible. Yet, after organising murders and not being punished for them, certain IRA folks are now members of parliament.

In the USA a known associate of extremists and terrorists is now occupying the Oval Office! He attended a known extremist racist church, and shows immense scorn for his own country.

Yet no-one points to his 'fundamental Christianity'!

Fundamental Christianity covers everything from true belief to extremism. It is a meaningless title. But, it suits those who hate Christians, and they will use the title widely if it helps their hatred to flourish.

No true Christian will resort to premeditated murder. The man can call himself 'Christian' if he wishes, but it does not mean he is one, any more than the pope is a Christian!

So yes, we condemn this awful example of mass murder. We cannot, as Christians, in any way support violent reactions to evil policies. However, I would point out that the seed-bed for the massacres was planted not by the killer's supposed religion, but by the wicked politicians who are continuing to disregard warnings and pleas from all concerned. They promote and adopt all EU demands whilst not listening to the truth and to what many observers know is coming - more violence.

It WILL happen - and it does not take Christians to point this out! Cramming a small country full of foreigners who take everything and give nothing back but hatred for the host country, is BOUND to end in tragedy. This may be just the first in a series of similar acts of crime enacted by people who feel silenced and ignored.

Politicians, who now stand shoulder to shoulder in unison, must accept full responsibility for the monster they created. Yes, the killer alone is responsible for his murders, but those who provoke a man to an extreme position are also liable - and I hope the courts take that into consideration. In biblical terms the man must be put to death - but do not forget all those in power who ride rough-shod over the voters to get their own way.

This is now a very good reason to get out of the EU, before even more lone-gunmen strike.

There is plenty of biblical precedent for what I am saying. See what God says about spiritual leaders who mislead and provoke sin in Christians!

© 25 July 2011


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