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How Islamic leaders must be smiling with great satisfaction!

Tommy Robinson dared to speak out and was put in prison using fascist/communist zeal.

Street preachers are arrested and grilled just for saying what the Bible says.

Now, even governmental figures are thrown to the dogs by May’s Brownshirts!!

Boris Johnson made an appropriate comment about women in Burkas looking like letter boxes.

So what? It happens to be true... AND it is a security risk.

But, politicians are tripping over themselves to be real servants of Islam, so much so they order police to arrest anyone who is critical of Islam... even if it is in the form of a joke. Meanwhile, Muslims can say and do whatever they like, though most of it is foul, malignant and threatening.

Well, as Tories try to force Boris to apologise, Taj Hargey, a leading imam, SUPPORTS what Boris said!! In charge of Oxford Islamic Congregation, Hargey urged the target of Tory bile NOT to apologise! In fact, he told him he DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH! How we agree! MUCH needs to said about Islam and Muslims, but the UK government is just as eager to protect its captors so we can be a happy band of slaves under the coming caliphate, as they were (and still are) pushing hard to be the first EU country to obey everything the EU demanded.

“There was no Koranic legitimacy” in the wearing of burkas, said Hargey. Of course, those of us
who speak out against Islam already knew this, but we are glad a Muslim actually admits to it.
But, UK government cowards (or are they vassals, paid to adopt Islam’s demands?) want to kick
a man on the floor rather than praise him for being forthright! That is what cowards do.

Hargey said that by pushing to allow the burka was doing the job of supporting and promoting extreme militant Islam. Very soon we will be forced to obey EVERY jot and tittle of Muslim demands.

Boris did not call for the banning of burkas, but he is still being vilified anyway, by Tories who want a complete shut-down on anyone who rocks the boat... hence Robinson’s arrest.

In which way was Boris’s comment “rude and gratuitous”?? It was honest and needed! And it only touches on a small part of what we SHOULD be saying about Islam. Boris spoke about just one aspect of radical Islam, because it is a symptom of a grave illness amongst politicians... the sickening slave mentality that will get us all killed, maimed or somehow violently assaulted, in body and mind!

We call on Boris to stick to his rhetorical guns and to shoot from the hip!

We NEED and MUST get this kind of honesty in Parliament!

And all people in the UK and the West MUST similarly speak out, or be subjugated...

Not just by Islam but by our own government whose job SHOULD be to protect us from the invading army of Allah, who promise us only false worship, loss of freedom, and death.