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It was only a matter of time. A Canadian journal (The Register) has published a list of things homosexuals consider to be 'illegal' and against them, to be crushed immediately. The list includes just about anything and everything!

Even this short piece would come under their hammer. This is exactly what the British Labour Party promise to homosexuals if they get back into power.

So – it WILL come... unless God intervenes and Christians start to wise-up.But, not only Christians... as I have said in the past few years, by all means start with the argument from scripture – but follow it up with the cold, hard facts about homosexuality as a behaviour.

The scriptural argument must come first because there can be no morality without God's word. The behavioural aspect is also essential because almost no-one in the general public (including Christians) knows the truth, the immense health risks, and the dangers to children, or the clamp-down on freedom of speech, generated by homosexuals, all of which go to make ordinary life degenerative and filthy. This is not just a Christian issue – it affects the whole of society, and until Christians stop being so Isolated and become more aware, homosexuals will finally persuade the public that everything is okay and the Christians are baddies to be put down. Thus, the opposition must be society-wide. But, will Christians do it? Already, if it takes more than signing a petition, they give up and go back to their easy lives.

Homosexuals have had a great head-start, by sexualising society for several decades.

They promoted all manner of heterosexual sex, so that they could then break down social barriers to open perverse sexuality and permissiveness. And it has worked. Now, they want totally open sexuality, not just in homes but in public. They show their contempt for morality by parading in the streets at their Gay Shame events, acting sexually and immorally.... and the public stand by and watch, because they do not understand the impact it is having or the aims of those they watch. This is how vile films such as 'Brokeback Mountain' could be shown without comment on TV. It is done by constantly spreading lies and propaganda, so that everyone is fed up with arguing.

Now, these hateful agents of Satan want to silence us fully. And they will get away with it, because they have already manipulated laws to suit themselves. If their 'list' is finally put into practice – and almost all of it is anyway, already, no-one will be able to even mention homosexuality in ANY sense at all. But – homosexuals will be free to say and do whatever they like! Try to argue back and you will end up in court!

It also means homosexuals will bring in the most heinous of sexual acts, openly. I know this because this has been their intention all along – and what they intend doing publicly is truly wicked, even worse than what they do now. And the public have allowed it all to happen without any kind of debate or statement of their disgust. I have always said that if the public really knew what homosexuals get up to, and the 'fallout' from it, they would be up in arms. This is what a British MP said in the 1980s, but he was swiftly silenced and no more was said about it.

He warned that if the public knew the truth, there would be a tremendous backlash. Ever since then, government has hidden the truth. The result is before us today, not including the millions who die of AIDS!!

This new idea will ravage society like an atom bomb. We either stop it now, or, as usual, just shut-up.

Christians who shut up because otherwise they break the law are only putting off the inevitable.

Make no mistake, homosexuals are out to get you! They won't stop until you recant or are put down, preferably in court. The fascist inquisition is yet to come, so staying quiet will not work.