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The media coverage of the terrorist atrocities in Norway has focussed very much on the claim that Anders Behring Breivik is a ‘Christian fundamentalist’. The damage that this claim has caused has already been done, but I feel a rebuttal of the claim is needed.

For a start, would a ‘Christian fundamentalist’ (a rather vague term, but presumably someone who believes in the fundamentals of the Christian faith) reject such a fundamental commandment as Thou shalt not kill’? The Hebrew word for ‘kill’ is ‘ratsach’ - which in modern English may be more properly translated ‘murder’. Breivik’s crime however, was premeditated, meticulously planned, and resulted in nearly 100 counts of murder The explosion in Oslo was intended as a diversion to cover the shootings he committed on the island of Utoya.

Secondly, would a true Christian - on a mission from God - purpose to commit an awful sin in the run-up to his task? Well, it turns out that Breivik said he had saved 2000 euros which "I intend to spend on a high quality model escort girl one week prior to execution of the mission. ... It will contribute to ease my mind as I imagine I will get tense and very nervous. It is easier to face death if you know you are biologically, mentally and spiritually at ease." 1

Would a genuine Christian purposefully seek to commit a sin so dreadful as using a prostitute, in order to ‘settle his nerves’? Is this what Moses did, before coming up against Pharoah? Did Elijah seek human methods to calm his nerves, before confronting the idolatrous King Ahab? The answer is a resolute ‘NO’. The true prophet of God will know that his mission is from God, and will have all necessary peace and strength imparted upon his soul by the Holy Spirit - no need for human methods, and certainly no need to engage in an awful sin in order to bring a supposed sense of calm. Indeed, far from bringing ‘calm’, sin will bring a real sorrow upon the regenerate soul. Also, any true prophetic task will not involve any breaking of the Ten Commandments.

Thirdly, a man who is truly called by God will never have the audacity to claim that he is a “perfect example which should be copied, applauded and celebrated”, nor would he claim to be a “hero of Europe”, and certainly would not dare to blasphemously claim to be a “savior of our people” 2

These claims made by Breivik betray him as a false Christian. Any man saved by grace will understand that nobody except Christ is perfect, as all are conceived in sin (Psalm 51:5). Any person on whom God has performed a work of grace will understand that Christ is the only Saviour, and that He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). But none of this makes much difference: The media have their claim, and it is very useful for them to tar all conservative Christians with!

Finally, a Christian in any good spiritual state will not ‘party’ paganistically with the unsaved; will not go around ‘tagging’ (graffitiing); will certainly not view the Pope as a role model; and will not be involved in the cult of ‘Freemasonry’. 3

Finally, it seems Breivik’s ‘fundamental’ Christianity is political rather than religious: “As this is a cultural war, our definition of being a Christian does not necessarily constitute that you are required to have a personal relationship with God or Jesus,” and he is in fact a Darwinist.4

It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik is not a Christian, despite the media being quite happy to jump on this claim, presumably in order to tarnish conservative Christians, and those who peacefully oppose militant Islam and the politically correct status-quo.

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© 25 July 2011

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