How long will it be until politicians admit Islam is not a religion of peace. When we are all executed?

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Sorry to keep using the word – but politicians are stupid.

I have been listening to news from Paris and I am flabbergasted by what politicians are saying.

The answer to the present problem is so obvious it is hitting us in the face – yet stupid politicians won't act.

The 'problem' is Islam. The killers are Muslims.

Send recent Muslim migrants back to their country of origin. Frankly, I don't care about the Islamic reaction! Those with citizenship MUST be told to sign allegiance to British/European law and way of life (not counting immorality of course).

If they must be deported. WHY?

Because Islamists are saying they owe allegiance to Allah only and not to the government. That instantly makes them traitors and possible terrorists.

Islamists are publicly vowing hatred and violence against us. So why keep them here?

The difference between them and Christians is that Christians are commanded by God to obey Him AND earthly authorities! Also, we don't kill people because they do not accept our God or our faith.

But, governments are going after soft targets – Christians – because we don't fight them.

The ones who kill are left alone in their Muslim enclaves.

Muslims are openly boasting they will take us all over simply by having many babies.

In that case, they must be deported. Let them have their babies in a country that hates life and people, and that affords them extremely small wages or none at all!!

We CAN stop all this. But politicians play games and not reality. It is about time we insisted on their own allegiance, to the people who voted for them.

Clear out Muslims if they don't obey our laws. And do not give the vote to the others who are left. THEY MUST NOT WIN.

(I know that some Christians will hate what I am saying. Honestly, I don't care. They have shunned us for decades. They align with false gods and fake doctrines. The others are misled by bad teaching and say they love everybody! These sad folks reap what they have sown... including violence).