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Geraint Davies MP
Swansea West
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Dear Mr Davies

Re: Letter 2: Opposition to 'Early Day Motion 219 'Gay-to-straight conversion therapy in the UK'

Your letter of 17 December 2013 is a statement full of scientifically unproven assertions and pontifications by professional associations to:

  • Censor and constrain their members in practice and thought;
  • Deny members the opportunity to provide their clients therapeutic help and the human right to choose to behave in a biologically natural and healthy way according to their physical sex at birth i.e. for a male and female to have sexual intercourse and to reproduce within a monogamous life long relationship for the rearing of children and continuance of the human race (aka natural marriage);
  • Bamboozle therapists, their clients and the public with gay ideology that people are born with same-sex desires, that are immutable, and need to have their 'orientation', be it same-sex, paedophilia, necrophilia (or whatever x-ophilla) affirmed as being normal and to be comfortable with it. [i] [ii]

We still believe that it is unethical to seek to agree or to work towards changing someone's sexual orientation through psychotherapy."? (BBC Radio 4, 3 February 2013)[iii] In other words, this is just Stonewall ideology and not scientific certainty.

Your bill is not in the interest of protecting the human rights and the freedom of choice of the individual but the removal of them.

The logical sequitur of your corrupt and draconian reasoning is to introduce the 'Homosexual Orientation Affirmation Bill 2014' which will legally require any member of the public, who states that "GLBTQ behaviour is wrong and unnatural", to be forcibly sent on a compulsory state funded re-education programme to learn to affirm that homosexual or any other orientation is natural. Non compliance will result in unlimited fines and imprisonment. This is exactly like Chinese Marxism!

God gives all people a choice "Go, and sin no more" (Jesus Christ, circa AD30) or face the self-destructive consequences and ultimate death of your body, mind and soul. God's law and truth stands eternally and is openly evidenced in the sinful behaviour of people who enter into homosexual behaviour and experience its consequences:

  • Higher depression and suicide attempts (No, this is not caused by societal attitudes);
  • Higher incidents of Sexual Transmitted Infections;
  • Insane, physically harmful and promiscuous sexual behaviour that is unrepeatable, because of its depravity, but widely documented elsewhere;
  • Sterile sexual behaviour that would result in an extinction event if adopted by the human race.

In complete contrast, God's way of marriage and fidelity result in good wholesome benefits to all of contentment, happiness, fulfilment, mutual support and a healthy natural way to express love for a spouse through sexual intercourse and, in the providence of God, children.

What would your constituents really think of you if you took off the mask of 'parliamentary respectability' and showed your true colours of wanting to sodomise Swansea West, Wales and the UK, and, as a consequence, place their children at grave risk from homosexuality?

Yours sincerely

Dr James B Waddell

[i] Royal College of Psychiatrists. ‘Psychiatry and LGB People’ (Accessed 3 January 2013) http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/members/specialinterestgroups/gaylesbian/submissiontothecofe/psychiatryandlgbpeople.aspx

[ii] O’Callaghan, Dermot. May, Peter. (2013) ‘Beyond Critique: The Misuse of Science by UK Professional Mental Health Bodies’ 2nd Edition, Core Issues Trust.

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[iii] BBC Radio 4: Report on Sexual Orientation featuring Mike Davidson, Dr Peter Saunders and Dr Di Hodgson, 3 February 2013 (Accessed 3 January 2013) http://www.christianconcern.com/media/bbc-radio-4-report-on-sexual-orientation-therapy-featuring-mike-davidson-and-dr-peter-saunders