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Have you had the same leaflets as I had today?

I had two, and the ‘get out’ (Leave EU) leaflet completely opposed the other one!

Here are a few bare facts on why we should Leave the EU:

  1. If we stay in, we will look forward to another 85 MILLION possible migrants!
  2. It costs us £350 MILLION a day to just be members... as the leaflet says, each week this is equivalent to building a brand new hospital!
  3. If we remain, immigration will truly be out of control, especially as poorer countries join the EU... the UK would be a magnet, much as it is now. And all of us would suffer privation and harm.
  4. The EU is poised to give yet another bail-out to Greece. Other countries will also be seeking bail-outs... all because of the Euro system we are not even members of!!  Our taxes would be used to pay foreign countries, though the Euro is not our problem.
  5. If we stay, we will NEVER be able to make our own laws again. The new laws are accelerating fast.
  6. If we leave we can control our own borders... EVERYONE knows how the EU stops us deporting terrorists and EU nationals who are in our prisons at OUR cost.
  7. Saving that £350 MILLION a week would put our health service back in health.
  8. Leave EU  – and we can then trade throughout the world! Presently, the EU stops us doing this.
  9. UK farmers can still get subsidies if we leave, but in a fairer way that boosts our agriculture.
  10. The ex-director of MI6 assures us that costs of keeping us safe will be cheaper and far more effective... we can see the havoc brought about by Muslim migrants in Europe!  We have witnessed terror attacks there – so in what way can the EU make us ‘safer’? How can it make us safe, when Germany invites untold millions to enter Europe without checks and without penalties, for the over 80% who are fake migrants and NOT refugees?
  11. If we leave we can give back jobs to our own citizens and not allow foreign labour to drive down wages. Note, too, that it was our own doctors teaching hospitals that limit numbers of
    home-grown doctors. Also, numbers of nurse training places is deliberately slowed down. It is why we have to bring in foreign medical people! So, jobs would likely increase, not decline!
  12. And who protects workers’ rights? NOT the EU – they were given strong rights by our own governments! To praise the EU for these is wrong and deceptive. 

Remember these points when you vote. And remember that as Christians you MUST vote for what is right.

Voting to remain in the EU is a vote for big companies to make billions on our backs!