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A so-called ‘transgender’ has been allowed to enter a front-line British fighting unit. (Guardian, 17 September 2016)

Evidently, the army has not read the recent research calling ‘transgender’ a mental illness, or the fact that ‘transgenders’ have high risk of suicides, mental disturbances, etc! Would I want this person (man to woman – well, in name only!) covering my back in a condition of war? No. This is a very scary thing to allow... it is just a publicity stunt that gives in to homosexual demands. Garbage!

To make it worse he 'Chloe Allen of the Scots Guards' has a wife (a real one). I fully expect her to divorce him over this.

The ‘person’ is mentally unhinged. So is the army. The grim laugh? He (pretending to be she) said “I’m just looked at as a normal person”!! He ISN’T normal at all, but a mess on legs.

He now has long polished nails and sliver studs in his ears. He might (and that’s dubious) still have the strength of a man, but the hormone treatment he has started on will probably reduce that. Watch the police programmes – see what happens when women officers are faced with male aggression in the streets – along come burly men to take over, especially when the female officers are small. This is not derogatory. It is common sense.

There is a saying, and it applies to these situations... “The world is going to hell in a handbasket”! In every area of society, sin and its practitioners are dictating what is ‘normal’, and so we are spiralling downwards into a deep pit of despair and wickedness. May the Lord help those of us who will suffer.